Christmas – in August!

As I strolled along Grafton Street earlier today I was browsing in and out of certain shops. It’s impossible not to venture into Brown Thomas mid way down and dream of what I might afford one day!! But I’m still dreaming I guess.
As I went up stairs I blinked, and then blinked again. Surely I was seeing things. No, I wasn’t on the wine last night. No I wasn’t bleary eyed from tiredness. There it was at the top of the escalator – a giant decorated Christmas tree. As I stepped off, I saw another, and another. It was then that I realised I had just stepped into the Brown Thomas Christmas shop 2017.
There were decorations everywhere. There really was a touch of magic to it. I walked around. Snapping pics here and there. I wish it were December and I could really appreciate and enjoy this experience. But reality kicked in and it is only mid August. It’s NOT Christmas. It not anywhere near Christmas. Surely this is wrong. This is way too early.
As a rule I do not get into the Christmas spirit until December is upon us. I love waking up on December 1st and I can start all my Christmas music, my Christmas clean (maybe that’s an exaggeration!!), but I can get 100% into the Christmas spirit. And I remain in that spirit right up until January 6th each year. I love Christmas. I love the magic it brings. I love that family all come together at this time of year. But I could never love Christmas in August.
I posted a few images earlier on my facebook page. One friend commented that she was annoyed to see Halloween supplies in a shop in Derry this week, let alone Christmas trees and such in a shop in Dublin. She was clearly horrified.
Christmas is a special time of year. If we continue to embark on the festive season earlier and earlier each year, the special feel will disappear. Surely it really is time to step back and take a little look at tradition. Christmas is a December festive season. It’s not a summer festivity.
Parents are currently trying hard to get their children ready for the new school term. Surely having children see such Christmas advertising now will encourage them to be seeking their Christmas surprises and preparations early too. It’s not right. Surely we all need a little tradition to remain in our life. Can’t Christmas be Christmas again?


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