Lucy’s Lounge: Lucy’s Vintage Basement, Temple Bar, Dublin

Earlier today as I sauntered around Dublin’s Temple Bar area I stumbled upon what I can only describe as a little ‘gem’. Lucy’s Lounge describes itself as  ‘a second hand and vintage clothes shop in the heart of Temple Bar. Once you see the bright pink and purple building on Fownes St, follow the stairs down to the basement where you’ll find a pic n mix of clothes, shoes, bric a brac and accessories!’
It certainly is all that and more. It’s a little treasure trove of all things vintage, classy and colourful. The very sign at the door welcomes you inside. The very colour of the exterior draws your attention. and when you walk down those stairs and into the basement, you just don’t want to leave. A real little haven in every way.
I wandered around below on my own for some time today, and took photos of every nook and cranny. At every turn something catches your eye. Although appearing at first as a small shop area, it seems endless once you start walking around. Each rail has something different. Each shelf has something appealing. Each corner hides something extraordinary. And the floor is awash with even more treasure. I spotted a real vintage suitcase and sandals beside it. There’s just something for everyone in here.

As I wandered around aimlessly earlier today in Lucy’s, one of the most appealing qualities of this lounge was that I didn’t feel compelled to purchase. I didn’t feel compelled to not touch. I was allowed to browse with ease and no pressure whatsoever. That’s my kind of shopping. I think I was too dumbfounded with my find to purchase today. But rest assured, Lucy, this North West Culture Gal shall certainly return and next time, I’ll be leaving with some treasure.
Lucy’s Lounge can be found on Facebook at Lucy’s Lounge and is situated in the heart of Temple Bar at 11 Fownes Street.
Pop along when you’re next in the Fair City. You won’t be disappointed.


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