Best Coffee in Dublin?

As my haven in life, Dublin always provides me with the inspiration and escape I need when life allows me to visit. Last week was my most recent Fair City escape and it was work inspiration and coffee stops I was seeking. As always I have my favourite haunts and revisited each and every one over the three days I was spending there last week.
Seeking colourful imagery for some children’s story ideas, some unusual art work for the same, I spent endless hours walking the cobbled streets and stopping for that all important coffee.
On Friday I was travelling to Rathmines to meet my big son, and was advised to visit a little coffee shop en route in Ranelagh. I was told it was across the road from the Luas station and was called Riks Coffee. So as I came out of the said Luas station, I noticed a little place called ‘Nicks Coffee Company’ so I guessed Rik was now Nick!
My advisor had told me this place allegedly served the ‘best coffee in Dublin’. I would decide for myself.
So across the road I did venture and a mocha I did order. At first I was a little taken aback? There were no comfy seats like my all time favourite coffee shop, The Workshop here in Muff, Donegal. But as I sat down on a chair in what can only be described as an open space, I felt quite at home. Nicks has a few seats at the front, a bench and random seats in the large open space to the side. It’s
very random, on the main street in Ranelagh and it never stopped. I sat down with my mocha, and just watched folk come and go. Take-away coffee seemed endless. Business folk, tourists, random coffee lovers like myself, were all just popping in and out. It was mesmerizing. I’d never have believed something like this could work.
As for the coffee, it was pretty damn good indeed. To say it’s the ‘best in Dublin’ I’m just not sold on that but a future visit and another selection of coffees will indeed be had. But it certainly is an exceptionally good cuppa and it has the most unusual setting.
Is Nick’s Coffee Company worth a visit? Most definitely. But don’t build your hopes up for the comfy coffee shop surrounding. Expect the unexpected, and enjoy the randomness of it all.
A return visit will indeed be had and already looking forward to it.


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