Foyle Pride Festival Parade 2014!

Foyle Pride Festival parade 2014 (now in its 21st year)  left the Waterside railway station earlier today and made its way through the city to the Guildhall Square. The parade is the highlight of the festival which celebrates the lives and loves of the LGBT community in the area.
It helps to promote inclusion and respect and highlights the cultural mix in Derry. The parade is a celebration of equality, tolerance and diversity.
Today as the parade came along the Derry streets, thousands of people welcomed them and cheered. As the Pride flag was carried along, the city became alive with colour. The city was not only colourful, but filled with character and had a real carnival atmosphere all afternoon and evening. It was a real family affair and a delight to be a part of. Young and old came together to celebrate Foyle Pride 2014.

Shá Gillespie, chairperson of the Foyle Pride committee, said: ‘Foyle Pride promotes understanding and respect for diversity, it provides a diverse programme of quality entertainment and creativity with mass appeal actively enhancing Derry’s reputation as an enjoyable welcoming and safe place’.
If today was anything to go by, this promotion was served ten fold! It showed what an amazing city Derry really is and what amazing people are within it!

A selection of photos from Foyle Pride Festival 2014 are in an album on the ‘North West Culture’ facebook page! Do go and ‘like’ and ‘share’ the page!

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