Village ladies keep getting fitter!

The village ladies are continuing with their ‘fit camp’ and have surpassed one of their expectations in the last week! A number of the gals completed their first 10k. It was all in the name of charity but the accomplishment was very personal on many levels. This fit camp is fun but it’s serious at the end of the day. All the gals are trying to achieve a level of fitness that they can sustain. However on beginning this challenge none of them had ever contemplated running at all, never mind completing a 10k. So well done ‘us’!
Mia is encouraging, pushing and ever motivating her ladies and it appears to be working. And now that the new vests have arrived there’ll be NO stopping them.

Mind you if a marathon is on their minds, they proved on Sunday night that they sure can stand the pace….mind you the pace of downing drinks from a jug and into the wee hours might not be comparable to the pace of running for 26 miles….but one never knows! There’s a few thran ladies in the bunch and no challenge is too big sometimes!!
The challenge of the ever popular ‘ice bucket’ was rampant among the fit campers this week. Most of the girls took a soaking of one kind or another during the week. Another couple decided to invent or create their own take on it earlier today…and enjoyed an ‘ice bucket breakfast’ of bucks fizz on ice….a nice ‘dry’ take on the challenge. Money was raised and that’s the important part!
Yoga ended another week of ‘fit camp’ and the ladies are indeed almost perfecting the ‘downward dog’ pose…well a wee rest when Bendy Aunty Fran turns the head! But near perfection is good enough at this stage.
So as the ladies continue the fitness, and the ice bucket is sweeping the village, whatever will be next for the Muff fitness gals… wonders!

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