Moville Community College ‘shook’ the Derry Stage!

Last night saw the final performance of Moville Community College’s 2014 musical, All Shook Up! The Millennium Forum was once more home to the school’s most recent production. The kids had been rehearsing for just five months and their end result was quite simply a credit to them and their staff!

All Shook Up tells the story of the forbidden affection, music and dance in a small town in Midwest America during the 1950’s. Run by the strict Mayor Matilda, its residents lack any spirit and desire to leave. But all changes when the smooth talking, leather clad Chad, with his blue suede shoes arrives in town on his bike! The town certainly does get ‘all shook up’ with this arrival!

The story unfolds from the beginning. From unrequited love, to forbidden love, to true love, it all happens on the stage for these teenagers. There is humour, music, song, dance, fun, and even some Shakespeare throughout this performance. Lessons are learned: primarily not to judge others and to accept everyone for who they are. And we learn that everyone falls for the wrong person every now and then! There’s also some very good advice for teenagers (and indeed everyone) throughout the show. The song ‘Follow That Dream’ is sung a number of times. This can only serve to encourage our young people in pursuing their dreams throughout life. “You can kickstart your life” can apply to just about everyone. It’s up to each individual to make the life they so wish, and ‘kickstarting’ it is just the beginning! A few words of encouragement are always needed, even from the stage! And the words “there’s a whole world out there” is so very poignant.

The kids from Moville Community College had outstanding voices. Each unique in their own way. But for me, the onset of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Kate McCauley was the highlight of the musical performance. She blew me away with this. Deaglan Ferns aced his role as Chad, and Aoibheann McGarry, the greasy mechanic, shone throughout. One cannot forget the performance of Stephen Slattery from Muff. His transformation in character surely gives encouragement to many teenagers. The kids all excelled themselves. As did the staff who were involved in putting it together.

The stage setting for All Shook Up was exceptional. The props and costumes excellent. Credit to all who were involved. And how fabulous to see some past students assisting in the production this year. Principal Anthony Duggan spoke highly of everyone involved at the end of the night. He also stressed that “Performing Arts is vitally important to our school”. That comes across very clearly in this production. Congratulations to all who were involved in 2014’s All Shook Up!

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