Dirty Dancing for the Playtrail!

Nobody puts ladies in a corner! And there were NO corners in the Nerve Centre cinema last night as 60 ladies came together to help raise some money for Derry’s Playtrail. The meeting place was the Nerve Centre’s cinema; the film was Dirty Dancing! The night spoke for itself!

‘I carried a watermelon’, ‘no body puts baby in a corner’ and ‘come here loverboy’ all had the audience cheering, laughing and wanting more. Everyone sang to the music and hushed at the punchlines.

And it was all in aid of the Playtrail. The evening was organised by Gerry Delaney and friends. The hard work certainly paid off on the night. The food was delicious, and we all ate too much, the wine was divine and it went down rather fine! And the popcorn was simply the icing on the cake!

Goodie bags were given to everyone at the end of the night. These contained gifts such as, vouchers galore, skin creams, cakes, and so very much more. A large selection of prizes were raffled off after the movie, sponsored by Debenhams, Bedlam, Guildhall Press, The Playtrail and a selection of other businesses.

As ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ began in the movie, no one was in their seats. Dancing (dirty and other) was in full swing in the Nerve Centre cinema. Never before has a cinema seen such! Hips were a swaying, mouths were a singing, and everyone was having a ball. Patrick Swayze had his Derry ladies hanging on his every move!

 An amazing £1000 was raised for the Playtrail last night. And it was fun being a part of it!

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