Jimmy Osmond brings ‘Moon River and Me’ to Derry

Press Release
Moon River and Me
Direct from the USA, the only official Andy Williams tribute show starring Jimmy Osmond, arrives at the Millennium Forum on Sunday 9th September for one night only.  This brand new show full of award-winning music, nostalgic footage and special memories of Andy Williams will touch your heart.

Jimmy Osmond began his performing career at the tender age of three with Andy Williams on his television series.  This year marks Jimmy’s fiftieth anniversary in show business.

Jimmy will sing the songs that made Andy Williams so beloved by millions including ‘Music to Watch Girls By’, ‘Happy Heart’, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, ‘Almost There’, ‘May Each Day’, ‘Days Of Wine And Roses’, and, of course, the song that was to become his theme tune, ‘Moon River’.

When I was asked by the Millennium Forum in Derry last week if I’d like to interview Jimmy Osmond about his forthcoming show ‘Moon River and Me‘ at their venue this coming September, I jumped at the chance. Growing up in the ’70’s I watched The Osmonds on TV. And of course wee Jimmy was the star for us ‘young folk’ then. Not much older than myself (he’s such a young man), we all fancied him. Course we did! Now in 2018 he’s as big if not bigger than any show-business guy on the planet. 
Jimmy debuted, as did his older brothers before him, on The Andy Williams Show at a very young age (3). So discovering just this week that Jimmy Osmond had MY number on his phone to call me just yesterday (Friday) afternoon, I really was a little starstruck. Just before 3.30pm my phone rang and a Boston number came up. I was a tad excited answering. “Is that Grainne” I heard. Oh my goodness Jimmy Osmond was calling ME.
Jimmy and I spoke for approximately 15 minutes and it really was the most interesting and fulfilling conversation (interview) I have ever had. Here was one of the most famous showmen on the planet, and he was talking to ME.
We spoke about Jimmy’s show, ‘Moon River and Me‘. Andy Williams was  a huge influence on this man’s life. Jimmy told me, “Without Andy, we (The Osmonds) wouldn’t have had the career we had. Andy mentored, supported and inspired us throughout our career.” Jimmy spoke with passion and genuine love for this legend. 
Jimmy Osmond now owns ‘The Andy Williams Performance Arts Center & Theater’. “I never imagined I’d end up owning my bosses theater”, Jimmy told me. “He was a neighbour, a mentor, a friend, and a golf partner. I’m so honoured he asked me to do his show.”  “I grew up with his music”, he said. And now Andy Williams music continues to grow through Jimmy and this show.
I asked Jimmy if he sees this show as a way of ‘giving back to Andy what he gave him.’ “No, it’s he who continues to give to me”, he said. In performing Andy Williams music Jimmy is carrying on the legacy of Williams. And in this, he sees that Andy is continuing to ‘give to him’. 
There’s NO airs and graces about Jimmy Osmond. He continually praises others, and in particular Andy Williams.  He said Andy once told him (about this show) that, “don’t ever think this is about you. It’s about bringing people back to another day. Back to their memories.” That is, to the memories of a previous time, a previous day, a happier day.
I wondered if Jimmy really does have the passion within him each time he gets on the stage to perform, ‘Moon River and Me’. He says, “I am fully charged on that stage. It’s about having the passion. And it never wavers.” Jimmy’s passion for Williams never wavered as we spoke.
I asked Osmond if the contemporary world of performing is different from earlier years, singing with the family band, The Osmonds? “The old days used to be crazy. We never saw any place. We saw restaurants and the venues. But we never actually saw the place/area we were in. Nowadays I take time to stay and meet. We have a cross-section of ages and it’s important to speak with people and to see the place.”
With the modern world being so fast-paced and the old world being much more slow-paced, Jimmy was turning it all upside down. I said such, and he continued: “We are all in control of our time, and our schedules. We must try and savour the moment.” In the contemporary world this is just so impressive. Someone as huge as Jimmy Osmond takes time out to meet people, and to see the place he is visiting. 

Derry is very honoured to have this man visiting in September. He told me he is bringing his daughter with him, and he’s very looking forward to his ‘first’ visit to Derry. 

Come and relive the dream with Jimmy Osmond singing the songs of Andy Williams.
An Evening With Jimmy Osmond – A Tribute To Andy Williams performs at the Millennium Forum on Sunday 9th September.  Tickets are now available from the Box Office.   Telephone 71 264455 or visit www.millenniumforum.co.uk for bookings.
This is a show I honestly think you don’t want to miss. It will showcase Andy Williams’ songs and also a selection from The Osmonds too. And it will showcase the passion, the enthusiasm, and the sheer talent that is Jimmy Osmond. 
When he told me I was “a lovely girl”, I was sold. Yes, I’m going along to meet and greet this genuine gentleman.
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