Family time at The Red Door, Fahan

The North West has an array of restaurants and coffee shops at the present time. Here in Inishowen we are never lost for a culinary treat, be it an extravagant lunch, a light snack, or just a nice coffee. So there were a few choices to decide from recently as myself and siblings were deciding on a place for our  familial occasion.
The Red Door in Fahan was settled upon and reserved for the night in question. Last night was the night, and we were certainly not disappointed with the welcome we received at this premises.
From the onset we were treated like royalty. Mother and Father had not eaten here before and my siblings likewise, so it was a delight to be able to introduce all to this little culinary haven on our doorstep.
On arrival the evening sun had set, and darkness was upon us. The delightful Christmas decor outdoor was very welcoming. The decor and more inside was equally welcoming.
As we made our way to the sitting area beside the bar, everyone was taking in their surroundings of the quaint and yet elaborate setting. Photos were taken and smiles were getting tiresome as we were then shown to our table in the Violet room restaurant area. As we were a large party, there was ample room and our waiting hosts introduced themselves and immediately began showing menus, taking drinks orders etc.
A delightful meal was had and service was excellent. All agreed that the food combined with the character of the building added to our special evening.
Prior to departure we again returned to the sitting area at the bar and proceeded to take more photos to enable memories to be built.
The Red Door met all our expectations and more. Menu’s provided an excellent choice of food, and service was superb from arrival until departure.
Mind you I do think the Knickerbocker glories stole the night for a select few gentlemen.
All agreed that a return visit shall be had and I’m certain it won’t be too long until that visit is indeed had. Now to just get those siblings home again soon.


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