Continental Derry!

The city of Derry is awash with colour and festival fever at the present time. The 2014 Maritime Festival is underway. The city has come alive over the weekend and the people of the city and local areas are showcasing Derry at its best.

The Clipper yachts are due to arrive in Derry tomorrow morning. The Derry yacht is sure to be welcomed by thousands around 11am! The Derry crew have made history in being the first yacht to win a home race. Having left New York two weeks ago, the Derry Clipper finished the race ahead of the pack earlier today. What was always going to be a week of celebrations just got bigger and better, thanks to this win.
Along the quay this week, you will find a host of stalls, great music,

food and culture from all corners of the world. As you walk along the city streets at present you could be in any Mediterranean city. Such is the atmosphere and feel of Derry just now.
A huge variety of boats are docked along the quay and at the pontoon. There is definitely something for everyone at every turn.
The Clipper yachts will be arriving from tomorrow morning and they’re sure to have a week of good Derry hospitality over the coming days.

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