Irish making a welcome return to Muff/Magh

In a surprising move, the councillors of Donegal have announced that the village of Muff  will be changing its name to its original Irish name of Magh (pronounced Magg). The decision came after months of debate surrounding the negative connotations associated with the term “Muff,” which some councillors felt was not reflective of the village’s values and character.

According to a statement released by the council, the decision to change the town’s name was not taken lightly, and was based on extensive community consultation and research. The council believes that the new name, Magh (pronounced Magg), better reflects the town’s rich history.

The move has sparked both support and opposition from the community, with some residents expressing excitement at the prospect of a new name and others expressing concern over the cost and practicality of such a change.

One resident, L. Smith, who has lived in Muff (Magh) for over 30 years, said, “I’m thrilled about the name change. It’s about time we embrace our history and values, and I think the new name reflects that.”

Another resident, recently moved to the village, Paula McNeill, expressed concern over the cost and practicality of the change, saying, “I understand the sentiment behind the name change, but we have to think practically. Changing the name of the village will be expensive and could cause confusion for visitors and businesses.”

Despite the mixed reactions, the council is moving forward with the name change, and has already begun the process of updating official documents and signage throughout the village.

Magh (Pronounced Magg) is set to officially come into effect on June 1st, and the council has planned a series of events and celebrations to mark the occasion. The council hopes that the new name will not only reflect the town’s values, but also attract new visitors and investment to the area.

Details of events and celebrations will be released soon.


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