The Seeger Sessions Revival, rock Derry

This jambalaya of Traditional American Folk and Bluegrass songs are Bruce Springsteen’s homage to Pete Seeger, the ultimate legend of American Folk Music! The Seeger Sessions Revival are a thirteen-piece band who have captured the spirit, energy and musical exuberance of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions. This eclectic group of talented musicians put their own stamp on Springsteen’s iconic Seeger Sessions, with arrangements of hits including ‘Old Dan Tucker’, ‘Jesse James’ and ‘American Land’ to name but a few.

With an energetic ensemble of Fiddle, Banjo, Accordion, Steel Guitar, Whistle, rhythm section, a superb virtuosic 4-piece Brass section and strong group vocal harmonies. It comprises an evening of Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Dixieland, Gospel, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Rhythm & Blues that simply can’t be missed.

Last night they took to the Derry stage at The Guildhall. This was to be my second time seeing the ensemble. When I first heard this collaboration earlier this year, they blew me away. From beginning to end that Sunday afternoon in Donegal town, this crew showcased this special collection of music.

After that gig I said I’d love to hear and see the show in the Guildhall, Derry.

Thanks so much to Kieran Dunlop at Music Capital for making it happen last night. It didn’t disappoint. The amazing backdrop of the Derry stage, the surround of the main hall just seemed so right for hosting The Seeger Sessions Revival last night.

Christopher Speer, the banjo player, and member of The Logues, had an idea some time ago. He had a vision to revive Springsteen’s ‘Seeger Sessions’. And boy he’s done it in mighty fine style.

I was eager to get some feedback from people last night. A very good friend of mine was in attendance. She actually made me a tad nervous as I know what a dedicated, passionate fan of Bruce she was. I need not have worried: She said, ‘it was brilliant. I loved it.’ A guy I met during the interval who had traveled from Antrim for the gig told me he saw Bruce perform this very set of music a number of years ago. Last night he said, ‘was absolutely brilliant.’

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the set a second time around. I didn’t. I enjoyed it more than ever. Watching this group of musicians on stage playing together and with a clear love and passion for the work, just allows it to grow on each hearing. Last night was one of the best night’s of music in a very long time. The Guildhall Derry was the perfect stage for The Seeger Sessions Revival.

Last night also saw young Oscar Jennings play support on the Derry stage. A talented young man in his own right whom we will no doubt see again on the stage.

The gig took place thanks to Music Capital and Kieran Dunlop. With a vast array of music events over the past year, and many more still to come, Music Capital is ensuring that live music keeps on playing in Derry. And it’s not disappointing. Check out for all their upcoming gigs. You might just be surprised.

But for now The Seeger Sessions Revival are finished for 2022 but they also have a great series of gigs lined up already for 2023. It’s going to take some show to beat the Derry one last night.


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