Menopause, the musical with Crissy Rock

Crissy Rock is an English award-winning actress, stand-up comedian, and best-selling author. Having starred in Ladybird, Benidorm, and appeared in I’m a Celebrity and Celebrity Come Dine With Me. She won the Silver Bear for Best Actress award for her performance in Ladybird. And now she is part of the hugely acclaimed ‘Menopause the Musical 2’.

Crissy took time out of her busy schedule earlier today to talk with myself about her coming to Ireland tomorrow to embark on the Irish leg of their tour. And boy is it going to be fun. Her constant laughter and fun character is enough to engage you in everything she has to say.

Press Release: The original Menopause the Musical® was a gigantic smash hit, packing audiences in theatres across Ireland. The hilarious night out saw audiences return again and again.

Now Irish audiences can experience a brand new show in the hysterical sequel to Menopause The Musical®.  We fast forward five years to catch up with the same four ladies and tales of their lives, loves and losses as they set off on the high seas.

Starring Crissy Rock (Benidorm / I’m a Celebrity / Celebrity MasterChef), Rebecca Wheatley (Casualty), Nicki French (Eurovision) and Susie Fenwick (West End Star) Cruising Through Menopause starts an Irish tour on 27 April which will include the Millennium Forum on Sunday 22 May.

Crissy told me that she’s very looking forward to coming to Ireland. ‘I’ve only been for a day here and a day there before. I have performed in Belfast many years ago and I was in Ireland for the Fleadh around 1996. But I’ve never really got to see Ireland.’

So how does it feel being in something so different to her other roles. ‘I’m honoured to be in this’ she says. ‘I’ve never really sang before. I had three lessons and realised I can knock out a tune.’ This alone is inspiration to discover hidden talents whilst in the depth of menopause!!! I can’t wait to discover mine!!

Press Release: Hot flushes, mood swings, memory lapses, weight gain – these are a few of our favourite menopausal things!  Cruising Through Menopause is a hilarious, heartfelt, reassuring and unflinching look at the joys of menopause and friendship.  When your life is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns, it’s hard to find true friends.  But step on board and we’ll take you on a trip of self-discovery, love and friendship all backed by a soundtrack of brand-new toe-tapping parodied hits!

I asked Crissy if this show is therapeutic to be part of and for us, the audience. She assures me that it really is. ‘I do a monologue where I say: ‘he didn’t understand. I felt so lonely….’ ‘We are all connected. We realise that we are not alone. This has opened my eyes and made me realise that my actions and feelings are hormones. It just makes us all realise that we’re not on the bus alone.’ Her words really do reassure everyone going through menopause that they really are not alone. We are all in together. And as Crissy added: ‘We’re not having a mental breakdown. It’s menopause.’

Being on tour with the other ladies I wondered if they all get along, or is it stressful at times? ‘We all get on so well. We’re all there for each other. We’re away from home for 6 months and it’s great fun. It’s the poor bus driver who is the real hero. He’s to suffer 5 hormonal women.’ Bless him!

Press Release: For these four ladies the menopause was not the beginning of the end, but the beginning of a beautiful friendship where love conquers, and friendships never fail.  So, all aboard and we’ll have you laughing, singing and feeling like you’ve just met 1000 new best friends, as you join us for Menopause The Musical 2 – Cruising Through Menopause.

Crissy told me that just a few nights ago they performed to a Birmingham audience and the atmosphere was simply electric. ‘It was such fun and the room was just electric.’ This she says is ‘what friends are for.’ ‘I’m so thankful that Robert asked me to be part of this. I feel like I’m part of a cult.’

Well I think it’s time we all admitted to being part of this cult that is the Menopause and not be afraid of it. Menopause The Musical 2 will no doubt allow us to talk about, laugh about, cry about, and just connect with ourselves and others alike. I for one, can’t wait to go see Crissy and co this May.

Crissy has a message for the ladies of Ireland ahead of their tour tomorrow: ‘You are not alone.’

Oh, and I did invite the ladies to bring the ‘Menopause gals to Muff’ on their visit. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

Age advisory 16+

Menopause The Musical 2 performs at the Millennium Forum on Sunday 22nd May.  Tickets are now available from the Box Office.  Telephone 71 264455 or visit for bookings.


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