When I was invited along to opening night of Derren Brown I was very hesitant. This is definitely not an artistic area that I would be interested in. But I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and try something new. Myself and my partner in crime, Martine, ventured along to the Millennium Forum in Derry earlier tonight to see if we might be convinced…

Press Release: The multi award-winning master of mind control and psychological illusion, Derren Brown, is at his very best on stage.  He makes his way to the Millennium Forum, Derry on 26-30 April 2022. His one-man shows have received wide critical acclaim and more Olivier wins and nominations than any other in history!

The words above made me think that maybe I might enjoy. But my heart told me otherwise.

Fresh from his hugely successful Broadway debut, Derren returns home to the UK and Ireland to launch his first brand new theatre show in six years: SHOWMAN. The content of the show remains a closely guarded secret, but if you’ve seen him before, you know you’re in for a powerhouse treat!

And what a treat we got tonight. He really is what one might call, ‘The Greatest Showman’. And tonight’s show shows us just why one might refer to him as such. In a show filled with magic and spectacle it wowed at every turn. Ever the sceptic I was hesitant. I wasn’t going to be bamboozled. But I was. In more ways than one.

I watched as innocent audience members played a starring role in a clever show that was magical in so many ways. Magical in life lessons, and magical in life advice. I’ve been to many shows in Derry but I don’t honestly think I’ve heard the auditorium so quite ever. Such was the captivation of the people. Brown had everyone in the palm of his hand. And he beat us psychologically at every turn.

It was Brown’s sincerity that really got me. He’s human, compassionate and he’s caring. He oozing empathy, and he never loses sight of the task at hand. Or rather the illusion at hand!

I read recently that he will have you laughing out loud, and maybe even crying. He had me crying tonight. Crying with deep thought and emotion. Crying with special memories. Crying with his humanity. I felt it a very special show in a very personal way for me, from start to finish.

What happens in the show we are asked not to reveal. And you really do feel you owe it to Derren Brown not to reveal it. But I can reveal that he stole a little piece of me by the time it was over. I’m not the avid illusionist fan, but I am an avid genuine human fan. And that is what I think Derren Brown is after seeing this show tonight – a genuine human being.

I came away from Derren Brown SHOWMAN feeling inspired, feeling motivated and feeling like I’d just met someone special. I was in very good company and we laughed so much on the way home. It really felt like a therapeutic night from beginning to end.

I’m still not sold on illusion and magic etc. But this is unique in so many ways. I witnessed a story unfolding amidst the entertainment. And that story stole my heart.

If you are considering going to this show at all, then just do it. You will laugh out loud, you will be mesmerized, and you might just cry, as I did.

Derren Brown’s SHOWMAN runs at the Millennium Forum until 30th April. Do something different this month and be mesmerized too. Booking at or call the Box Office on 028 7126 4455


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