Covid – round 2

It doesn’t seem that long since I first wrote about my Covid experience and the way if affected me and my family. But that was over a year ago now. It seems a little surreal to be back here again. Only this time the personal experience is very different. I’m doing it alone, and that changes everything.

Last year my husband, son and myself all tested positive for Covid in December. We isolated at home as a family. My son was quite poorly for a full week, we had much milder symptoms but recovery was longer for us. Maybe it was age, but it was a very different experience for we parents to our son. But we got over it and got back to our lives.

Just last week I took a terrible fit of coughing and genuinely felt I was going to die. It hit me out of the blue. We are always very careful as ‘himself’ tests daily in order to visit his mother in a care home. His staying negative has always been so important to us, so care is always taken. As a precaution that night I took one of his antigen tests – it came up positive immediately. A Pcr test confirmed the positive result.

And so a very different isolation was put in place. I moved into my work room, our spare room in the house. My cough got worse, the sweats hit and the headache soared. This went on for four days and then began to subside. All fine. It wasn’t the end of the world. But my husband testing positive would be. It would be disastrous at this time. It’s a very private and important time for the family.

For the past 7 days family and friends are ensuring that I have everything I need and that I am able to stay in this room. For fun I’m posting a lot of crazy naff posts on Instagram and Facebook. It really helps to keep the mood up and the spirt strong. It’s not about my having ‘the sniffles’ as some people call it, it’s about my keeping others negative.

Reading online that people are ‘thick’ and ‘selfish’ for getting tested just makes me cross. Had I not gotten tested, someone very close to me could have gotten even more ill, and worse. No-one knows what is going on in others lives and no-one knows their reasons for getting tested, and their reasons for going above and beyond the call for ‘isolation’ at this time. I consider myself doing the best I can for my family and those dear to me at a very tense time in our lives. Our situation is very different to many others at this time. Who gives you the right to judge?

Right now, covid seems to have hit almost every household. Hopefully this is it on the way out. But either way, however you choose to live with the virus, that’s up to you. But don’t go calling anyone ‘thick’ or ‘selfish’ just because they’re doing what they think it right for their family at this time.

So I will continue with my fun posts from the ‘isolation cell’ and I’ll do so to keep my mind in tact and keep me from going stir crazy as I try and protect some people whom I happen to value in my life.

From the ‘isolation cell’,


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