Grief, my journey. Happy 80th birthday Dad.

I’ve found it hard to write about Dad this year. Moving into the second year without him I thought would be easier. It’s not. It’s harder. I miss him more than ever.

Today is a day I’ve thought about for a long time. Long before he died. I’d thought about what we’d do on Dads 80th. I knew he’d love the attention. He’d love the cake. He’d love it all. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

But I still want to make an issue of it. So he’s getting a blog post. Even if he had been alive, the celebrations would be small. Covid wouldn’t allow any such thing. So that I guess actually helps. Strange how Covid actually helps make today easier!

Today is just another milestone. Another occasion to miss Dad even more. I cried going to sleep. I cried on waking. Missing someone you love is just a daily struggle, heightened on these special days.

But, there’s always a but. I can still smile amid the tears. Smile as I remember birthdays’ past. The days Dad and I went out for his birthday lunch. Something I always did – just he and I. He loved those dates, as I did. Oh the precious memories they are now.

Today it’s going to be a chicken goujons day. Dads favourite. That’s what he’d be having if he were dining out today. That’s what I’ll have in his memory today. And I’ll smile. I shall. Smile at the memories. Smile through the tears. Smile as I remember how lucky I am….lucky as I got to have you for a Dad, a best friend, a best buddy.

Happy 80th birthday Dad. Hope there’s lemon cake in heaven today 💛


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