Covid Fatigue

It seemed far fetched that I might suffer the ‘long Covid fatigue’ I’d read about. I even doubted its existence. I can be tired and laze around at times, but lazy is not something I’d ever call myself.

Since recovering from Covid at Christmas it just seems that now is proving more difficult than when the virus actually struck. I was lucky in that I got off light with Covid-19. A rather annoying headcold and sore legs were my worst symptoms. Oh and that loss of smell proved a nuisance as I light my new candles and melts. Frustrating it was. Alas, the smell has returned and the headcold and sore legs long gone.

In their place is a constant fatigue, weariness and even anxiety. The ‘long Covid’ is real, debilitating and a god damn nuisance. I never envisaged going through this.

I’d read about many people unable to return to work. Now I’m one of those. I’m lucky that my work is all from home now so I’m doing little bits each day. But only little bits. Had I to go out of home to work I’d be unable completely. This way I can build it up slowly and I’m trying.

Covid-19 is rampant all around us just now. Yes it’s true so many cases are just like a headcold or flu. But that’s not the end of it as I’m finding out. Others are getting more serious experiences with the virus, and others are dying. This virus is real and is spreading easier than ever. And it’s not clearing as a headcold or flu would.

I’m not writing this to get ‘aw poor you’ or ‘hope you feel better soon’ comments. I’m writing this so as others who are experiencing this fatigue and/or anxiety know it’s common and it’s real. I’d started thinking I was getting lazy. So I pushed myself to walk more. Boom, that backfired.

Walking 5k plus daily was easy and fun pre-Covid. Now 2k is exhausting. Sometimes 1k is the limit. I’ve even had to get company to walk me home on occasion. Post Covid fatigue is not nice.

Stay home this January and help avoid you experiencing any of this. Keep that bubble small and keep your distance.

Covid-19 is destroying so much so let’s do what we can to stop the virus. Wear the mask, wash your hands, keep your distance. Please work together to kick Covid19’s ass.


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