The City of Ys, book review

It’s always lovely when a child sends in their very own book review. Here, Sarah aged 9 (nearly 10) writes her review of Colin Deeny’s ‘The City of Ys’. Sarah is an avid reader and a member of The WRITE STUFF Kids Club where she reads and writes stories.

The City of Ys

Author: Colin Deeny
Illustrator: Martin Beckett
Characters: A King called Gradlon and his daughter, Princess Dahut are the main characters. I liked them!

Plot: Once there was a girl called Dahut who lived with the King (her dad). Her mother, the Queen had died. King Gradlon was very sad, so every time Dahut wanted something, he would say “Yes, my
princess, of course”. That is until a day came when she couldn’t get
what she wanted!

My Opinion: I thought this book was really good and I loved the
illustrations too. I liked when they built the City of Ys but my
favourite part was the ending as it was so exciting!

I would recommend this book to all children as it has an incredibly
good message in it – You cannot get everything you want! I loved this
story so much that I gave it full stars – 5 out of 5! *****

Book Review written by Sarah Mc Nally, age 9 (nearly 10!)

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