To the Class of 2020 on Results day

Today may seem like the most important day of your lives to date. That big brown envelope or that screen is going to show you all your calculated grades in less than one hours time. It’s the toughest results day ever for Leaving Cert students.

But hey, you guys have already got this. You are the class who defied a Pandemic. You are the class who lived through such uncertainty and who survived. You are the class that will go down in history and you are the class that will soar in life.

As you open that big brown envelope or check that screen today, do it with pride. Pride for how you have overcome adversity in a time of such uncertainty. Pride at how you adapted overnight to remote learning. Pride in being here today to get those results.

As you get the grades today, remember they do NOT define you. Those grades are not a reflection of the person you are. The grades for some will be perfect. Happy days. For others they will not. You didn’t get the time to prove how hard you were working and how you were going to come up by a grade, or two, or three. But you will be ok.

We have so many options now in life. So many courses to study. So many different opportunities await. Now is your time to shine. As you embark on the next chapter in life, you will explore horizons you never imagined. The Leaving Cert prepares you for very little of these opportunities. Because of the unprecedented year you have experienced, you will get the opportunity now to consider so many more variations of the next chapter in your life. You might surprise yourself and enjoying it. But you will enjoy it.

As you settle down after the grades come out this morning, take some time for you. Just relax and tell yourself, you got this. ‘Cos you have got this.

Life has so many paths and you will find yours as the coming days and weeks approach. And you will get the right one for you.

As you, the class of 2020 begin your new journey, do it with your heads held high. You are the class who defeated all odds. You are the class who beat a pandemic and won. You are the class who will make history – in more ways than you ever thought possible. You are the class to shine. Go shine brightly as your new journey in life begins.

To the Class of 2020, good luck.

GMcC xx

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