A Girl called Covid

This is a story written by sisters Gianna (12) and Elsie (11) Cannon, from Castlefin, Co. Donegal. The girls are both members of The WRITE STUFF Kids Club creative writing and reading group.

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Covid. She wasn’t really mentioned that much. But suddenly she started to go wild! She started to spread to many countries, until the world was suddenly in shutdown.

Far away in a forest in Ireland, named Spike Forest, there was a girl named Saoirse. She was always known as ‘the friendly girl.’ She loves to help out and make friends with everyone and anyone! Which is actually quite worrying at this time, because she might make friends with COVID. And guess what happens…she does….

Saoirse was walking around the forest picking flowers for the front of her little cottage. She had some PPE gear on and was very aware of Covid-19. There was a girl walking down the path in the forest, coming towards Saoirse. “Hello”, Saoirse said while picking a beautiful pink flower. “Oh, hi” replied the girl. She was Covid, but dressed up as someone different! “You look very nice today. What’s your name? I’m Saoirse.” “I’m Co…em…em… Bridget, yes, yes, I’m Bridget”, said Covid. “What a beautiful name”, Saoirse said.

“Come on in for a while Bridget”, Saoirse said. “I will call in later”, said Bridget. ‘Just after I spread a few more Covid’ she said in her head.

The next morning, Saoirse woke up, turned on the TV, and ate her breakfast. She turned up the volume on her TV to hear that Leo Varadkar announced ‘Lockdown’ in the whole of Ireland. The news showed a photo of Covid, and Saoirse thought she looked familiar. She thought and thought, until she realised that Covid was Bridget. She was just disguised.

Saoirse called the superhero Josephine and asked her to help find Covid. Then she called the forest people, Oscar Firenze and George, to mind the forest while they’re gone searching for Covid.

Hours and hours of searching, they finally captured Covid, and got rid of her. They had the biggest celebration party. And Covid was never heard of again.

The END.


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