Covid-19 poem: We Stayed Home

We Stayed Home

A time we stayed home,

And had lots of fun.

A time we switched off,

With family in the sun.

Lockdown they say,

But we love the new way:

Something new every day,

Come what may.

The world it did stop,

We all pressed the pause.

Then everyone listened,

And there was no noise.

The virus is bad,

There’s so much dismay.

But life is so beautiful,

Each bright new day.

We’ve lost so many people,

The tears we all cry.

But we must remember,

To live on and to try.

Try to make up,

For the mistakes of the past.

Try to live better,

And make this time last.


It’s now time to go,

Your journey near ended,

We’ve had enough woe.

Goodbye from us all,

We bid you farewell.

The world is grateful, 

That you rang life’s bell.

The quest of togetherness

Is firmly in place,

The world will now promise,

To be a better space.

So Covid-19,

We thank you so much;

For making the world, 

Cherish the human touch.

Rest in peace all the loved ones,

Who didn’t make it through.

But let’s live life much better,

Let’s love life with a new view.


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