Blood Brothers opens at Millennium Forum, Derry.

Blood Brothers tells the captivating and moving tale of twins who, separated at birth, grow up on opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with fateful consequences. “Have you heard the story of the Johnstone twins?” I had assumed everyone had, but as my husband pointed out last night just before the show, he hadn’t. And so it was extra exciting watching his reaction unfold.

As always the show did not disappoint. The cast, the music, the performance, the story just resonates with everyone. As Rebecca Storm (Mrs Johnstone) told me just last week, “there’s something in the show for everyone. There’s just something there that each audience member can relate to.” And that is so very true.

What was truly lovely last night at opening night in Derry was seeing the amount of young people in the audience. Blood Brothers is a studied play, but it’s very much real in so many senses. Young people today might not be aware of the hardships parents endure/d. Seeing something like this on stage allows them to stop and consider such. Growing up with friends in a different social class to you, continues to influence the parent/child relationship. It shouldn’t but somehow it just does. Watching this on stage allows for that all important conversation between child/parent to commence. The beginning of that conversation could be the beginning of a relationship healing. There’s just so much.

As for the overall story of the ‘baby being given away’, one can never truly be angry with Mrs Johnstone. One just loves her from beginning to end. It’s her very nature, maternal nature, loving nature that continues to win our hearts. Rebecca Storm might have been dipping in and out of this role for over 30 years, now, but she just excels in it. Her voice, her charisma and her very presence never fails to touch us all.

Rebecca Storm/ Mrs Johnstone

Blood Brothers has been seen by millions of people all over the world and yet it continues to be a theatrical musical favourite. Timeless songs including, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Tell me its Not True’ are but a snippet of those featured and you just never forget. I’m still humming ‘Tell me its not True” 24 hours later. It’s a show that stays with you.

It’s not every show that has the entire audience on its feet, applauding for more. And it’s not every cast who do numerous encores. But that’s exactly what we got last night with Blood Brothers at the Millennium Forum. We got it all. We witnessed why this musical has been described as one of the best ever.

Running until this coming Saturday, 7th March, you really do want to see this one.

Go to or telephone the Box Office on 02871264455 and book your tickets now.


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