Christmas Memories with The WRITE STUFF Kids Club.

In October this year I lost my best friend, my wonderful Dad. After a very short illness my Dad passed away. It was, and remains, the saddest experience of my life. I could never envisage my life without him in it.

My work with The WRITE STUFF Kids Club enabled me to cope with Dads passing in such a positive way. Although broken inside I had to return to work and the children were just wonderful to me. I talked a lot about Dad to them and one day a little girl said to me: ‘Grainne how can you be so happy when you talk about your Dad. He’s dead. Are you not really sad.’ I replied to her explaining that inside I was (and am) so very very sad. But when I remember Dad it makes me happy because all my memories are happy ones. She immediately smiled and said she’d never thought like that before. She just assumed when someone died you could only be sad when you remembered them.

This encounter made me realise the importance of instilling in children the importance of remembering, and of having special memories. So as part of our Christmas writing exercises this year, I encouraged ALL our children to pen a little Christmas memory that they have. What resulted is simply amazing. Here we have memories from children in Muff, Sligo, Greencastle, Letterkenny, Carndonagh and Buncrana. Pretty special ones they all are.

The WRITE STUFF Kids Club, Muff

Cara 8

One Christmas morning me, Séadh, Diarmuid, Eábha and Michaela went into the sitting room. Diarmuid saw a card with his name on it. He looked inside. I was busy looking at my presents and then he went WOW! He ran into Mammy and Daddy’s room an said: ‘there’s something in the shed for me!’ So he went out to the shed with Daddy and came back with a puppy. We spent the rest of the day plying with the doges April and Cailen.

Kayla 6

My Christmas memory is when I was 2. I got a new toy seat. My sister Aimee sat on the side of my new seat. I pushed her off.

Aaron 8

My Christmas memory was one morning when my elf on the shelf got the Nutella out and he got a knife out too. He opened the Nutella and put all the Nutella on the table and in his mouth. And he made a big big mess. I will always remember this Christmas.

Caitlin 8

My name is Caitlin and this is my Christmas memory. My memory is when a wild cat came to our house. She started coming every day and now we own her. Wee think she is 8 now. When she came to us she was 4. She is black and white. She is very caring. We named her Twinkle. She is the best cat ever.

Hannah Mary 8

My Christmas memory is one morning I forgot it was Christmas. I was asleep but my brother woke me up and was very mad. Then we went into my Mammy and Daddy’s room and jumped on their bed. Then they went back to sleep, so we had to go back to sleep too. It was the middle of the night. Then we all woke up and went downstairs. I got a bike. I love my Christmas memory.

Sarah, 8

My Christmas memory was when I woke up and heard jingle-bells and I opened th curtains. I saw Santa land on my roof. I heard his footsteps and I saw him go. I ran back to my bed and wrapped my duvet over myself and went back to sleep.

Padraig 7

Come on my brother’s, think….Ok, back to business. So we need to do presents like this but now bigger. Ok, so my favourite memory is in 2018 and I got an Xbox 1. I will always remember that day.

Keeva 8

My Christmas memory is when I woke up one morning my taste buds went away. I ate my dinner and I told my Mammy. She gave me medicine. I did not like it. I went to my Nana’s house. I ate sweets. I said, ‘I forgot’. I did not like that day. I went to bed and the next day it was Christmas and my taste buds were back. I said ‘Hooray’.

One morning I woke up on Christmas and I got a big present in a box. It was a hatchimal. I loved the present. I went to my Nana’s house and I watched TV and we opened more presents. It was a very nice Christmas. I will always remember it.

Aimee 8

On the fifteenth of December last year we got an elf on the shelf. We called him Elfie. One day my Mammy, me and my sisters read a book about an elf on the shelf. One morning he poured all the coco pops all over the table and into a bowl. I will always remember this Christmas memory.

Abbie 7

Once when it was midnight it was a full moon night. My elf on the shelf brought my toys to life. They had a snowball fight. There were cotton wool balls everywhere. A wall of cotton wool balls. My doll was playing with my elf on the shelf, Jingles. They were having great fun. When we went downstairs, we saw them.

It is a fun memory.

Peadar 7

Once me and my brother woke up at the same time. We saw the presents and we watched a cartoon. Then we said Mammy! Daddy! The presents are there at the tree. Santa was here. The end.

Jessica 8

My Christmas memory is when I got a pink iPod on Christmas morning. It was something I really wanted. I will always remember this Christmas.

Ruby 7

One time I lost baby Roo in Galway. But on Christmas eve my elf left, but Baby Roo was there. I was so happy that me elf brought baby Roo home for Christmas. I love this Christmas memory.

Majka 6

One day when I came back from the Playshed my elf on the shelf had Haribos. He was eating all the Haribos. It was funny.

Daniel 5

My Christmas memory is when my two elf on the shelves went into the car and went in the front seat. My two elf on the shelves went into my stocking too. It was funny.

Shane 5

My Christmas memory was when the elf on the shelf put the toilet roll on the ground. My other Christmas memory was when the elf was drinking beer.

Leo 9

So it was December 1st 2017. I got up out of bed and I rand downstairs as fast as I could. Then I looked in the kitchen for my elves on the shelf. Then the toilet but there was no toilet paper. But we replaced it the day before. Then I said, ‘They didn’t come.’ I started to cry but then I saw a trail of toilet paper going to the living room. I went in and my elves on the shelf were covered in the toilet paper.

Olivia 10

One night near Christmas 2017 in the middle of the night I heard some sort of crumpling of wrapping paper. I walked down the stairs very quietly. I got the surprise of my life when I saw my elf on the shelf wrapping up my R2 D2 froid. The elf had a huge roll of wrapping paper. The elf wanted to surprise me on the last day. It would be here. The R2 D2 had it’s lights on. This is my favourite Christmas memory.

Anna 10

Callum 11

One Christmas I got all lego. And every Christmas we leave out whiskey for Santa.

Susie 10

On Christmas eve night 2018 I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep. I checked my clock. It was half past 11. Suddenly I heard the sound of sleigh bells. Was it Santa? It couldn’t be. He wouldn’t come while my parents and I were all awake. It had to be him though. Who else could it be? I pulled the duvet over my head and finally got to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and saw that Santa had been. I realised that the sleight bells had been his. That was my exciting Christmas memory of 2018.

Cathal 12

Every Christmas I wait until my family wake up. Then we go downstairs and open the presents. After a while, we go over to my Granny and Granda’s house. With my uncle back from England and his friend. We all then eat the food and exchange presents. Then I go home an use my presents.

Holly 10

One Christmas eve when I was at my Granny’s house, we decided to do the mannequin challenge. It was quite hard to stay quiet and still because I was so young. When we finished us children went outside to track Santa. It was kind of cold, so we didn’t stay out for long. When we came back in our Granny gave us some Christmas riddle and joke cards. We had lots of fun that Christmas. This was a really fun memory for me.

Fionn  9

Last year I think I had my most favourite Christmas memory ever.  A few days before Christmas one night it began to snow, with no sign of stopping. Me and my Daddy went out into the snow. We had so much fun; we made snow angels; we had snowball fights. We even went on the slide in the snow. Even though it was late at night, the snow made everything bright. We went on the trampoline and it was so super-duper fun. My fingers were cold, my toes were cold, my nose was cold. Everything was cold, but I had soo much fun. Next day I had no school, so I spent the day sleighing with my neighbours and cousin.

My best Christmas memory so far.

TJ 10

My Christmas memory is one Christmas eve we put 8 carrots, 1 mince pie and a glass of milk out for Santa Claus. When 7 o’clock came like every year, Mammy and Daddy brought out the presents. One for everyone. We got a picture taken with all my family in matching PJ’s. When we went to bed waiting for Santa to come, suddenly I felt sick. My tummy was sore. After moaning groans, I stopped for a second. Wait! I heard a noise. I heard footsteps walking towards the tree… I wonder who it could have been!

Rory 11

A special memory for me is the Christmas of 2018. It was to be the last Christmas we spent with our Granny Mary. My uncles, aunties, cousins and my family and I all went to my uncle’s house. We ate dinner – turkey, ham, meat, potatoes, fanta, coke, shloer and more. Next we all had desserts – strawberry ice-cream, honeycomb ice-cream and different flavoured cheesecakes. When we finished, we all played games, including some of the board games we got for Christmas. Everybody had great fun. It’s such a good memory to have and look back at when we were all together.

Elsie 10

My Christmas Memory.. On the 1st of December 2017 we went to Lapland. It was the most magical time ever. There was lots of snow and we met Santa. He lived in a wooden cabin deep in the forest. We had to ride on snow mobiles to get there. We met Mittens the elf. We had hot chocolate in the ice bar. We went on husky and reindeer rides. We slid down huge big hills on toboggans. It was very cold but the snowsuits kept us warm and cosy. This is my favourite memory because it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Gianna 12

My Christmas Memory In 2017 we went to Lapland. It was the most amazing experience ever!!!! We climbed up mini snow mountains. The feeling of the cold air and the snow was amazing. The snow was knee deep and it was super soft and fluffy. You will never get snow like it. The adults working for Santa’s Lapland were super nice and funny. On the second day we went to see Santa. We went on a snowmobile, there was elves greeting us and having fun. When we went in the snowmobile to Santa’s house there was elves there too. We walked into Santas house and he had our letters. Mammy, daddy and my auntie and uncle were crying. Then he gave us a gift of a teddy. I still have it now. There is lots more memories. It was the best ever, I wish I was still there.

Eoin 11

My favourite Christmas memory is in 2014 when I got a Nintendo 2DS from Santa. This is special to me as previously I had no electronic things, so I was very happy.


My Christmas memory is when Suin, Ronan and I went downstairs and there was a footprint in the ashes. We all thought it was ‘Santa’s.’ But when Daddy came down he said he had to put out the fire!!

Barry – The Never Empty Seat

At the table we sat

Eating turkey and that.

Crackers were pulled, stories were shared.

Oh what joyous times we shared.

Five of us around one table

Sadly but now

There be only four.

But that seat that should be

Shall never be empty.

For the spirit of her

Shall forever be.


A good memory I have is when I woke up with my family. It was when my family all went to the tree and saw a huge pile of presents that Santa left. We got all the stuff we wanted. After that Mum and Dad made the nicest Christmas dinner ever.


A Christmas memory; many people think of a good memory but that’s not the truth. It can be bad or good. For now I have only good memories, like the time I got the tricycle or the time my whole family came for the Christmas dinner.


Christmas 2009

It would be the last Christmas I would spend with my family in England but also with my beloved cat Millie. And although I was only two years old, It was a special one for me.


A Christmas Memory

Delivering the presents,

Going to see Nannie Teresa

Matching Pyjamas,

Mrs Brown on the TV.

All in the room,

Crammed into one bed.

Listening for the sleigh bells,

With the duvets over our head.

A game of bingo,

A box of heroes,

Music in the background,

Dancing round the room.

Leah 15

A Christmas Memory

On the 8th of December kids lay out

Socks and Boots upon the hearth.

Waiting for St. Nickolaus to climb down the chimney straight.

If you’ve been good, the very next day,

A sweet is left in your sock for you.

Where St. Nick let it lay,

And wishes you good fortune.

However in the night, if you’ve been bad,

The evil Elf Krumpins climbs your walls.

A sack of nylon in hand

He is many kids downfall.

So the German tradition continues,

Year after year, child after child.

Always impromptu,

But never wild!

Kayleigh 16

Christmas 2018: We all sat in Nanny’s sitting room; quality street wrappers coving the table like a rainbow. Everyone had travelled home from abroad to gather in the Sweeney family home. Brought together like the bows on presents, littering the ground. With the dog curled up and the tea in hand, laughs and stories were shared. The shadow of those no longer there, lingered, yet filled us the warmth and joy. We passed out presents and it was a time of love. Everyone together, joy-filled and smiles wide.

Buncrana Kids Club Christmas memories

Liadan, aged 8

My Christmas memory is when I got my roller skates from Santa. They are pink, black and purple. I am very good at skating now.

Isobel, aged 8

My Christmas memory is when my elf on the shelf came last year. One day she stole my packet of sweets. I was furious. I do not like people taking my stuff.

Victoria, aged 8

My Christmas memory is when I got a Baby Born bath-tub for washing my doll. It was blue and I still have the tub. I also got a house for my doll and it is pink.

Aisling, aged 8

My Christmas memory with Beth is ….once upon a time I got lots and lots of snow at Christmas. Me and Beth and my other cousin made a snowman.

Adam, aged 6

My Christmas memory is when I went to the shop to get a Christmas tree. My Mammy and my Daddy came with me. We bought our tree at the shop.

Beth, aged 8

My Christmas memory is going to the shop on Christmas eve to get sweets and ate them. I waited and waited for Santa. Then he left me a hoverboard. I liked that day so much. I got a big doll too. It was weird. That was last year 2018.

Aleksandra, aged 8

My Christmas memory is when I first built a snowman. We built it beside my house. My brother built the snowman with me.

Kian, aged 8

My Christmas memory is when I got my PS3 and Batman. It was the best Christmas. I got Lego sets too. It was Lego City sets. We had dinner together and it was delicious.

Sophie Rae, 7

My Christmas memory is when I went to Follow the Star with my family. I went to the cabins and got something in each one. In each one we got a French bracelet, a chocolate coin, a candy-cane and a candle. It was so much fun at Follow the Star. And after going to all the cabins we went to get cookies and buns and hot chocolate. Sometimes there is even a band playing. Then my auntie took me and my little sister Éirinn to the gift shop to buy stuff for the rest of the family that didn’t get to come. Then we went up by the stage and danced to the music that was playing. Then it was getting busy, so we went outside and took pictures by the lights and the star. They were really good pictures. It was getting very cold so we got in the car and we turned on the heat, so the car was nice and warm. Then we said goodbye to my auntie and uncle and nanny and Granda. And then we went to get food in the Chinese and went home. We ate the food and it was yummy. I loved my time at Follow The Star. It was so much fun.

Anna, 12

My Christmas memory…..I remember it well. When our auntie Yvonne took us to Derry to buy presents for our parents (as we do every year.) It was so fun when we went over the ‘Peace Bridge’ and walked over to the temporary amusement park. We begged Yvonne to go on the gigantic Ferris wheel! Finally, she said yes. The view was so great. I will remember this forever!

Kate, 9

One Christmas when I was 1 or 2, I was soooo excited for Christmas. I woke up and got my toys. I got dressed and I got this Celebration sweet and held it in my hand for the whole day. I played with my toys……and still held it. We met our granny and granda and the other granny and granda…still held it. Got our turkey, delicious brussel sprouts, bacon, cabbage, and shloer….still held it. By now the chocolate was all over my hands and I didn’t even lick it. I don’t know how I played with my toys when I only had one hand. As the day went buy, I finally ate it.

Ultan, 11

I woke up with a smile on my face. I realized that this was the morning. The one and only. Today was the day. I t was down there. I just knew it. In fact, I was so sure, I could smell it. As our usual Christmas tradition, me and my brother ran into our parents’ bedroom and jumped on their bed screaming: ‘It’s Christmas!’ WE belted it down the stairs, opened the living room door and I saw it. In all it’s glory I saw it. The X Box 1. And it was all plugged in and everything. This was the best Christmas ever.

Andrew, 10

I heard bells and clocks one Christmas morning. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn’t. I ran downstairs. There it was…heaps and heaps of presents. I woke up everyone, but no one got up. They all went back to sleep so I went back to sleep for another 3 hours. Then I woke up again and ran downstairs and then everybody came down. We facetimed  Granda and Granny. When the day went by and Joy and laughter went silent. All that was left was plies of toys and wrappers.

Peter, 9

My Christmas memory is me getting lost in Pennys….

Me, my aunt and my cousins were going in the car to get presents for our Mammies and Daddies. When we got there, we parked in the car park and went straight to the lift and went to Penneys. When we went in and went to the clothes to get clothes for our Mammys and Daddys, but when we went to the DVDs I didn’t get one because I couldn’t pick one so we were going out. I had nothing for my mammy or Daddy and I still had £20. I said wait and they stopped and I said I don’t have anything and they started walking again. I said I won’t leave without any presents. I ran back and got the presents and when I got back they wer GONE. I checked upstairs and I checked downstairs and I still couldn’t find them. When I went back to the floor we were on and they were standing looking around for me and then my saunt saw me and they came running over to me. THE END….

The WRITE STUFF Kids Club Letterkenny

Éadaoin 8

Three years ago, when we were watching the Late Late Toy Show we went out to the kitchen and we saw an elf on the shelf sitting on the table with a book beside it which was about elf on the shelf. We were all very excited. I picked up the book. Then we stared reading. We read in the book that only adults were allowed to touch it. Me, Aoife and Sinead were not allowed to touch it, so we left it and went back into the sitting room. To watch The Late Late Toy Show. Then when it was over we all went upstairs and laid out cookies, mile and something else, I forgot was it was in the sitting room. Then we went into bed and fell asleep. Then the next morning when we woke up, we went downstairs and saw the elf wasn’t on the table. Then when I went into the bathroom and saw that he was making a climbing frame out of the curtain and every other morning we saw him doing something else bad.

Oisín 10

My favourite Christmas memory is on Christmas Eve 2018. I was sitting at the fire playing Santa Tracker with Aunty Bee. Little did I know this was the last Christmas in which she would be alive.

Moral of the story:

Life is too short

Know the Importance of making memories

Ava Devine 11

My Christmas memory is set at The Crossroads in Killygordon. One day in November 2017. This was the first Christmas lights fair. It was our class that performed a comedy show to raise money for it to happen. There were stalls with shortbread, handmade ornaments and much more. Around 7pm, the lights were switched on. They chose a boy from my class to be the first ever person to switch on the Christmas lights. It was an amazing night and I hope the Christmas lights fair goes on for many years to come…..

Síne 11

Wouldn’t it be great to have Christmas holidays on the BEACH? Well, a few years ago, that happened. Well not on the beach, but we went near to the Philippines which is where my Mum’s from. I felt a bit sad, because my Dad stayed behind in Ireland. Christmas in the Philippines is very different from here in Ireland. Santa doesn’t exist there; instead your God parents give you presents and for dinner, we had a whole roast pig which is called Lechon. I love the food in the Philippines. It’s very strange but still delicious! Even though my Dad wasn’t there, I had loads of fun with my cousins and aunties, uncles and grandparents. It was strange spending Christmas s strange spending Christmas s strange spending Christmas in my grandparent’s house, as it isn’t as fancy as the ones here in Ireland. But I still loved it. If eel sorry for my Mum now because her Dad died this year. We will be thinking of him this Christmas.

Sarah, 10

It started with my Dad videoing us coming into the living room and looking at us opening our present and I was so excited because I got a hoverboard. I started using it I fell off a couple of times. I eventually got the handle of it. I remember everyone coming and I was on my hoverboard most of the day. I loved Christmas dinner.

Rocha 11

Christmas 2018

We were after coming back from Christmas mass. Me and my family went up to b ed. I couldn’t sleep. I went to go to the bathroom but I heard a band. So I ran back into bed 5 minutes later. I went back to the toilet and came back and my stocking was full. That morning we all went downstairs and got everything we asked for. We then had Christmas dinner with the family and so much happened> I can’t remember it all.

Henry 8

One night I was asleep. Then I heard a noise on the stairs. There was a throbbing sound through the door. Then I heard a ho-ho-ho. It was Santa Claus. He was down the stairs in the sitting room eating a cookie and some milk. The reindeers were chomping carrots. Santa was putting the presents. Then I saw him. He was the last present with my name on it.

Then I said Santa…Santa jumped and fell down on his bottom. He said; what are you doing down ther mister? I heard a noise. Then Santa apologised and gave me a free trip to the North Pole. Santa took me on his sleigh and took me to deliver presents. Then we had some hot chocolate and said goodbye. The End.

Charlie 10

It was the day our elf on the shelf just left and we waited for Christmas. Me and my brother and my sister woke up but we had to wait for Jack to wake up. I hour later he woke up and we ran downstairs and there were lots of toys and when we went in the toy room there was a God damn TV!! But then we went to my granny’s house and everyone was there. My cousins , my grandad, and when we had dinner, I realize Christmas isn’t about toys, it is about family.

Mark, 8

My elf on the shelf one night put the toilet roll around the house with plastic bottles. And we had to tidy up the house. The next night I broke the light. Then the elf on the shelf fixed it.

Shane 8

My first time seeing my Christmas tree was probably one of the best times of my life. I remember it with its bright lights and shine bobbles. I remember its giant shadow shining over me. I remember being lifted up with the fairy in my hands. I remember laughing at the funny yellow orb with a black smiley face. A few days after Christmas I went into the living room and the tree wasn’t there but then a year later it came back. Every Christmas since then I laughed at the funny yellow orb.

Abigal 7

One Christmas I spent the whole Christmas with my family and we had lots of fun. First we all got the dinner table for guests. Then all the children got the cups and glasses but we had to be really careful. After all that getting greedy, we got our fancy clothes on. All the uncles and aunties came and even my granny’s friends came. Our granny and grandad made turkey, potatoes, chicken and chips. For the kids we all got chicken nuggets and sausages. Then after the dinner wll the children had to sing a Christmas song. I sang Jingle Bells. After all that singing we got some dessert. We had Ice cream and jell and trifle. Then the whole family went into the sitting room. We all went CHEERS with our glasses. I think that was the best Christmas.

Leon 8

One year I got a toy and I still haven’t forgot it. I got it two years ago. I love it. It is a RC Monster truck. It is my favourite toy. It is important to me.

Eve 8

My Christmas memory sitting is beside the fire on Christmas eve with Mammy and Daddy and Ava.

Michael 8

One day Santa was 7 hours late. The children were awake. They were sad. He got back up…yeaaaa

Aoibhe 10

It was 7am in the morning. We all ran into Mum and Dads room. They told us to go back to bed until Dad got the video camera. So he hurried down to get it and ran to wake us up and we ran down to open our presents and the last present I opened was my tablet. I was so so so so excited to go on it. So we went to our auntie and uncles house for Christmas dinner. My godfather helped me take pictures with everyone.

Aofie Kennedy 10

It was the night of the Late Late Toy show and I was going out to the kitchen to get some sweets. As I was out in the kitchen, I spotted something read and white on the picture frame, and it looked like a doll. It said something like ‘A Christmas Tradition and I found out what the elf was called. It was an ‘Elf on the Shelf’ but you weren’t allowed to touch it. After that, we named him Ryan. Elf on the Shelves move about each night in different spots. They do funny things such as: cover the stairs with toilet paper; sneak into your schoolbag so you have no choice but to bring your elf to school and that’s basically all I could think of. A few years ago, we even go another elf!

The WRITE STUFF Kids Club Sligo

Kate 8

My Christmas memory is the Christmas Uncle Simon arrived home for Christmas. I got a great surprise and gave him a big hug.

Paddy 8

My best and my most nervous memory…..

My Christmas memory is the Christmas I woke up in the middle of the night and need the bathroom. I eventually go tup. Santa was in the living room but he didn’t see me. I rushed back to bed and fell asleep for a little while.

Evan 5

My Christmas memory is when my Elf on the Shelf popped his head out of the Cherrios box.

Jack 6

I remember when I wrote my Christmas list to Santa and then on Christmas morning I woke up and I got loads of presents and a DS. I was so happy.

Deirbhle 10

One time when we first got our kitten (she is now older), I was shaking the Christmas baubles and she noticed it. She went to attach it then climbed to the top of the tree. Then the tree fell down. Lots of decorations shattered!

Ella, 8

I have a few Christmas memories:

  1. My memory number one is when the Elf on the Shelf ate a chocolate bar and got chocolate all over his face.
  2. When I got a Barbie Doll from Santa. It had a zip line for dogs.
  3. IN the morning I woke up I saw the Elf in the Shelf. He was in my generation doll car with my barbie….and they had no clothes.

Órlaith 10

My sisters cat Thomas died and so we got a new kitten, Holly, just before Christmas. This was to keep my cat Buttons and my sister company. She died a year or two ago though I still have Buttons and I remember her each Christmas.

Emma, 8

One day my elf on the shelf came! And I was so happy and my Mom put it in her hand and my brother, sister and I were so so MAD. Mom put it back and next my Au Pair put it in her hand.

Sarah 10

Christmas 2017 I had visited my grandad but he couldn’t remember me. But that didn’t matter because I still loved him. Just before Christmas 2018 he died. I miss him but enjoy the memories.

Lucy, 10

Every year I asked Santa for a kitten and every year he didn’t bring me one. This year a stray cat had kittens in our garden. She had 5. We had to give 4 of them away. But I got to keep one. His name if Ralf. This year is going to be his first Christmas.

Bella J, 9

Last Christmas my cat knocked a decoration off the tree. My brother went to get it and he knocked the whole tree down. It was the best Christmas ever.

Carly 10

My Christmas memory is when a few years ago me and my cousins did a Christmas play in the sitting room.  When we did it for the adults my little cousin said the wrong lines and it sounded really silly.

The WRITE STUFF Kids Club Carndonagh

Adam, 7

My Christmas memory is from last year. I wanted Mario Kart 7 but instead Santa got me 3 games. I liked the games he gave and I like this memory.

Erin, 8

My Christmas memory is from last year. I won a hamper. It was full of drinks and stuff I didn’t like. So I gave it to my Granda. He likes all of this stuff. So it was a really good present. It was a good present for him.

Lana, 7

At Christmas I got a scooter. This Christmas is going to be my first Christmas without my Grandad.

Cora, 6

My Christmas memory is opening Christmas crackers. Then in the middle of the night Santa came.

Darcie, 6

My memory of Christmas is when I got a pink and white bike. When I was six, my Daddy took my stabilizers off my bike. I had so much fun on my bike. I was so happy.

Freya 6

My Christmas memory is when I got the Nintendo Switch. I played Just Dance on it. I liked it.

Kayden 10

My Christmas memory is that a few years ago I got a toy lorry. It was a log hauler and it was green. I loved playing with it. I still love it so much.

Saoirse 6

My memory is when I got a nail machine. It makes my nails all sparkly.


When it was Christmas Santa gave me a nerf-gun, and a toy car. I got a toy car and a PS-4. It was a very good Christmas.

Holly, 6

Last Christmas my elf on the shelf took my chocolate off my calendar.

Sophia, 8

Once on my birthday I wanted a space scooter. But I didn’t get it. I was sad. But last Christmas I got a space scooter. I was so happy. I was going on it in the kitchen. It was so cool. But I had to put it outside. It was the best Christmas.

Olivia 7

When I was six I wanted a go-kart. Then Santa got me one. I was so happy.

Róise 8

My Christmas memory is when my elf on the shelf was fishing in the toilet. It was hilarious.

Jocelyn 6

One Christmas I got a baby brother. I stayed with my Nana. Then a few days later, I went with my Nana to see my baby brother. Some of my family were there. His name is Arlo. His birthday is on the 21st of December.

Chloe 9

One year I asked Santa to get me a teddy biscuit tree.

Then Christmas day came and I got a lot of toys.

Including the tree with ornament ginger bread boys.

There was also a girl gingerbread and cookie ornaments too.

But there was a note under it…. From who?

It ws from Santa and it said:

I didn’t know if I got the tree right, so

Another gift you’ll get when you’re in your bed.

Then I got a tree pillow, a different day.

And it was brilliant I’ll say.

Eibhlín 6

My Christmas memory is when the Elf on the Shelf put toilet paper all over our house. Then the elf went into my epi pen bag and took all the pens out.

Tia, 8

On Christmas morning I went to the top of the stairs. The elf on the shelf went down the stairs in toilet roll. We went down and got him. We went into the sitting room. We saw all the presents. We opened the presents. I started with the smallest to the biggest. We sat together and started eating. It was a good Christmas.

Ronan 6

My elf on the shelf left candy canes in my house. They were yummy.


On Christmas eve I put my star on my tree. It was last Christmas. It was a nice memory.

Eanna 11

My Christmas memory is waiting patiently in my house for a rattle at the door, waiting to hear my aunts voice. My aunt lives in Vienna in Austria and I love when she visits because she is so energetic and fun. Its almost as if she is still a child.

Cahir, 11

Ten months ago, we were having dinner with my granny before going to the Lodge for swimming when I noticed something red on the shelf. To my horror I realised that it was an Elf on the shelf. When I told my mum, it was a mixture of fear and an exciting feeling that I could not describe now. When I told her, she was really annoyed and asked us what we had done for this to happen. I am going to skip three days. It used Mums lipstick to deface Mums family picture. In short having an elf on the shelf is a real pain, especially if you’re a family with a lot of pictures.

Lochlainn 11

My favourite Christmas memory is when my Elf on the shelf came in a Liverpool top. The Liverpool kind of ruined it but I was still a little happy. We played, talked and I cried when Liverpool were winning their match versus Chelsea. Liverpool went on to win 2-1.

Ruairí 11

My Christmas memory was when my Aunt Aisling came back from New Zealand. I haven’t seen her for 4 years since so I’m glad she came for the best holiday.

Alisha 10

One Christmas morning I slept in until 10 o’clock. My brother was going to be very mad at me if I did not get up.

The WRITE STUFF Kids Club Greencastle


My Christmas memory is when Santa left his Christmas bell behind. It is a very nice memory to have. It happened 3 years ago now. I hang the bell on my Christmas tree. It is read and white. I think I will always keep the bell. It is a very nice memory to have.


When it was Christmas eve last year, Pepper (my elf on the shelf) left a goodbye note because I said goodbye to him.

Last year also I had a penpal called Pip McJingles and he was an elf. Everyday I got a letter from him.


My Christmas memory is….

Last year I told my Mammy can I have a hoverboard and she said ‘no’. then when it was Christmas day in the playroom there was a hoverboard….and I was sooo happy. I really like this Christmas memory.

Chelsey 8

My Christmas memory is from last year when we left Jaffa cakes and cookies out for Santa. We left the Jaffa cakes for Mrs Claus. But Santa ate all of the biscuits. I like this memory from last Christmas.

Ellie 6

My Christmas memory is from last year. Our elf on the shelf ate all of our sweets. Our elf ate Daddy’s chocolate, and when we came back from Belfast our elf was sleeping in my bed. It is a fun Christmas memory.

Katie 6

My Christmas memory is from last Christmas. Last Christmas I got soooooooo many toys. Sophie too. My favourite toy was Ariel. She is the one of the mermaids from The Little Mermaid. I like her hair because it’s red and I like red hair.

Aoife Doyle 9

One Christmas I got a toy cucumber. Probably because I was obsessed with cucumber. I absolutely loved it. For some reason that’s my Christmas memory.

Lucy 8

My Christmas memory is from last year. Last year My elf on the shelf made a swing from the light on the ceiling. He used string and toilet roll and when I woke up in the morning I said ‘Oh my God.’ It was the best Christmas. I loved this Christmas memory.

Charlie 8

My Christmas memory is when I wanted something from the shop. I got it for Christmas last year. It is a fish light. It goes up. It’s all bright and colourful.

Alannah 7

My Christmas memory was one year ago I got an elf on the shelf. He went into the tv.

Andrew 6

We left the cookies out for Santa. What did our elf do? What did he do? He ate Santa’s cookies!!

Ava Coyle 12

When I was younger (I don’t know what year, possibly 2016), my cousins came over from Australia for Christmas. It was a really fun day with all my family pulling crackers and a lot of laughing. We all played games and ran about.

Ava McColgan 12

Last Christmas me and my family went up to my cousin’s house and had a big delicious dinner. We all pulled Christmas crackers and once we were finished, we did a table quiz. It was so much fun. I will always remember this Christmas.

Ciara 12

A memory that stands out for me is a Christmas 6 years ago. I was just 5 at the time. I asked for a bike. I woke up on Christmas morning. I went downstairs to see if Rudolf ate his carrot and when I walked in I saw the bike. I ran upstairs in floods of tears. I ran into my parents room and they started laughing. They said, it was fine so I ran back downstairs and went back on the bike.

Molly 12

1 year ago, a great memory stands out. The night of Christmas stands out. I wore a red dress that my uncle had given me before I went on holidays. We stayed in the Taj Mahal hotel. There were two great friends of mine I met these girls in the swimming pool earlier that week. My friends were Koni and Zara. I walked down to the restaurant with my family and two wrapped boxes for them. I had bought a necklace for each of them. We families had all sat together every morning at breakfast. I gave them their presents and they were delighted! They bought together a necklace with my name on it. That necklace is still on top of my bed, coming from a great memory.

Patrick 12

My Christmas memory was the year when my cousins came from Australia and all of us were in the same house. We showed each other our presents and we had a really nice dinner and did Christmas crackers and we had a great time. What a day!!!

Clara 10

My memory is when my whole family came to my house. My uncle mark and auntie Lucy came with their children. My uncles and granda and dad had a drink. My cousins and I played basketball and ate cheesecake and went crazy from all the sugar we’d been eating. Of course we all sat around the fire and opened presents with my whole big, sometimes great, and sometimes annoying family! Christmas time. 😊

Annie 9

My Christmas memory is when my auntie came home from Cork and got out of hospital and I seen her a few weeks before and I could already see she was a lot better !!

Jake 12

Last Christmas I woke up my earliest ever. I woke at 7 o’clock and went down at 7.30am James got an extra gift for getting his spelling right. He got a bike. I got a headset and a racing wheel. The headset and wheel are still next to my TV to this day.

The grief I have experienced and continue to experience has been so supported by these wonderful memories of the children. My Dad would be so proud of each and every child. I am so utterly proud of them all.


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