Ghosts, Fairies, Legends and more at Greencastle Centre

(by The WRITE STUFF Kids Club ‘Summer Camp 2019’)

The Ghost of Greencastle Centre

Once upon a time there was a ghost of Greencastle Centre. Her name was Susan. She hid in a cupboard in room 2. She would jump out on children when parties were on. The children much preferred the fairy Margaret. She was very nice.

One night it all changed. Susan threw Margaret out.

One day Margaret came back and everyone was happy again.

The End

(Dillon, aged 9)             

Star of the Show at Greencastle Centre – Mr Rainbow (the friendly monster)

There is a friendly monster at Greencastle centre who made a secret room. Room 5 is haunted by a ghost. Room 3 has a Fairy. The friendly monster’s name is Mr

Rainbow and there is a secret legend nobody knows. Only Mr Rainbow knows the story.

The End

(Charlie, aged 8)

The Ghost of Greencastle Centre

He eats John’s and Grainne’s cookies. One day they hid in the cupboard. They left out cookies and nearly headless Nick took the cookies. John and Grainne jumped on Nearly Headless Nick.

The End

(Aoibheann, aged 7)

The Ghost of Greencastle Centre

A long time ago in Greencastle Centre there were ghosts. There were two ghosts,

but only one person knows and that is Susan. Susan shouted: “Mr and Mrs Ghosty be quiet, everyone is looking at me. They think I am going crazy. I am going to get fired. Sorry but can I have one day without getting embarrassed?”

“Ok, fine, we’ll make that a month”, said Mr and Mrs Ghosty. “We are going to Ghost Land on holiday.”

The End (Annie, aged 9)

The Fairy of Greencastle Centre

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The Fairy of Greencastle Centre was a very nice fairy. There was a tiny door in a corner and that was where she lived. There was a magic cupboard in her house and one day she went through and that took her to the sweetie land. There were lots of sweets there. She met a new friend there too. She was a very nice girl called Susan. The fairy and Susan were best friends forever.

The End

(Lucy, aged 7)

The Ghost of Greencastle Centre

So this story begins in Greencastle Centre. In the night Susan and John’s dead family come back to life. The leader of the ghosts Mary, was evil. She would haunt the centre at night looking to fight. She was the only ghost that was evil. Once she had a war against the good and evil ghost. Evil won. The good were so sad. Mary would never care about anyone but herself. She would kill anyone she could fine. She made everyone mad. One day, her sister challenged her to war. Mary said, “Yes”. She thought she would win. But! Her sister won.

Mary was MAD!

She left the centre for good and she was never seen again.

The End

(Clara, aged 10)

The WRITE STUFF Kids Club  

The Ghost of Greencastle Centre

There is a legend of a ghost. The ghost would hide in the cupboard and he would

kill people. He scared people but Susan saw the ghost. Susan read a book. Susan found out how to kill it. I had to distract it. Susan crept up on the ghost. Susan had a bottle of water. Susan poured the bottle of water on the ghost, and the ghost died.

The end

(Alannah, aged 7)

The Friendly Monster of Greencastle Centre

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One night Susan and Finola were on a walk at night, then they went to get some chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. But when they got into the kitchen, the cupboard where they kept the cookies was shaking. They ran, but when they looked back, a tiny animal with black horns, a red body and a red tail stood there with cookies in its mouth. “Heeelllloooo” said the creature. “You’re cute!” said Susan. “WHAT?” said the creature. “I no cute!!” “awwwwww” Susan and Finola said. “Shoosh! Meh needs COOKIESSSS!!!!” the creature said happily. He scuttled back into the kitchen. He came back eventually. Susan and Finola laughed because he was talking to the cupboard. “What do a want…?” “What’s your name said” Finola. “Ok my name be Sizzles, Cookie Sizzles it be, and meh wants cookies.” He waddled away again and climbed down a secret ladder in room 2 and fell into a small room with a crib, full of blankets and pillows. He climbed in and stuffed his hand under the pillow and pulled out a handful of cookies. ”Mmmmmmmm” said Cookie. But suddenly he heard a bang! The ladder had disappeared. Finola and Susan had tried to follow him, but he fell asleep and the opening closed up and they were stuck. “Oh Nooooooo!” said Susan. “We’ll just have to stay here until he wakes up I guess” said Finola.

THE END     (Aoife, aged 9)

The Legend of Greencastle Centre

It is told that there are three mysterious things, or people, in Greencastle Centre. One of them is a ghost who likes to play tennis. His name is Geff. The second one is Zoe , she is a friendly zombie. All she wants is a friend but she is a zombie so when she comes out everyone runs away. Zoe always cries. Finally, there’s Fódhla, she is the fairy from room 2. Every night she comes out to dance for fun. All these

monsters and fairies don’t know about each other. But then one day, that all changed…

Part 2.

One day someone called Gráinne was getting ready for her summer camp. She saw Fódhla sleeping. Then Fódhla woke up. Gráinne got a shock. “Who are you?” she asked. “I am Fódhla” she said. “Do you want to be my friend?” Grainne asked. “I never had a human friend. Yes.” Fódhla said.

Part 3.

One day Zoe was walking down the hall. Suddenly Margaret came down the hall with a phone call. She hung up! “Hi” Margaret said. “Do you want to be my friend?” Zoe asked. “Yes” Margaret said. They were best friends till the end.

Part 4.

Every night Geff went to the sports hall to play by himself. One night Susan came to the sports hall. Then he saw her. “Aaaa.” They both saw each other. “Hi” they both said. Then they played tennis and played all night.

A ghost story/ A zombie story/ A fairy story

The End

(Lily, aged 9)

Gary Ghost of Greencastle Centre

One day when all the staff left, the ghost came out. He went to the kitchen to make some tea. Then Susan forger her phone in the kitchen. But the ghost was in the kitchen.  ‘beep’ went the phone. The ghost tried to tip-toe to the phone. ‘Squeak’ went the door. It was Susan. The ghost went invisible.

Susan got her phone and Gary Ghost got his tea.

The End

(Finn, aged 9)

The Monster of Greencastle Center

It was 10 o’clock and Margaret was drinking her cup of tea in the reception. She was all by herself because John had to go home and Finola had to go to Florida at 3 o’clock that morning. “Mr Scribbles come out, come out wherever you are”, said Margaret. “Bang”, Mr Scribbles came dashing down the hallway and burst into reception. “You are late. You were supposed to be here at 9.50am.” “Roar.”

“Come on. Your tea is getting cold.” Then they sat down together, drank their tea, ate a mint, and watched ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

The End

(Ava, aged 11)


The Legend of Greencastle Centre

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Pete and his fellow pirates were in the middle of a massive storm. They were getting closer to the rocks. Pete was the captain of the Jolly Rogers. His crew, Susan, Finola, Siobhan, John and Margaret were on their way back from robbing the Sea Monkey’s. It was a very hard task because the Sea Monkeys were one of the toughest crews out there. They were lucky they made it away with their lives, never mind the treasure. They were in a sticky situation because the Sea Monkeys were chasing them, and they were so close to the rocks, that they were basically ship-wrecked.

“We’re letting in water Captain!” said Margaret: John and Finola were bucketing out the water. “Take my treasure and bury it so no one finds it”, said Pete. “What about you?” said Siobhan. “Leave me her… I’ll buy you some time. Now GO!” said Pete. “Take my treasure and leave” he said, pointing to the land.

Before you know it, John, Finola, Margaret and Siobhan were running trying to find somewhere to hide Pete’s treasure. Then they came across Greencastle Centre. It was in the middle of a building so they buried it there exactly in the top right corner of room 2.

Years passed and John, Siobhan, Finola, Susan and Margaret are still there guarding the treasure……

The End

(Jeorga, aged 12)

The Fairy of Greencastle Centre

One day Susan was walking with Fódhla and Siobhan. They went to the office then

something burst out of the wall. “What’s that?” said John, who was also in the office at the time. Margaret came into the office, “That’s a fairy” she said. They woke up the next morning and realised it was all a dream…. OR WAS IT ??!!

The end

(Aoibhinn, aged 8)

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