The WRITE STUFF Kids celebrate 10 years of Warrenview Manor Muff.

 Below are some of the little stories and picture stories created one day of summer camp at Warrenview Manor in Muff by the children aged 5-8 with The WRITE STUFF Kids Club. As Warrenview Manor celebrates 10 years this year, we rooted one of our story days here.

The Fairy of Warrenview Manor

Once upon a time there was a fairy called Trixy. She lives under The Cutt Stone. She likes to read books.

The end.


(by Miley, aged 7).

The Unicorn at Warrenview Manor

by Aaron aged 7

The Fairy at Warrenview Manor

By Abbie, aged 6

The Fairy of Warrenview Manor

By Freya, aged 5.

The Fairy of Warrenview Manor

Once upon a time I saw a fairy in Warrenview Manor, and her name was Dandelion. She lived in a bookshelf. She loved to read books. She was very talented and she liked to help the people in the building. She loved all of the people but she was sad that nobody could see her. Before she went to sleep she wished she could grow, and it came true.

The end.

By Hannah aged 8

The Unicorn of Warrenview Manor

(by Briona, aged 4)

The Fairy of Warrenview Manor

One time there was a fairy named Katie.  She was a nice fairy. She lives in the Cutt Stone. She can be cheeky sometimes, but who cares, she loves to make friends.

Katie hides in Teresa’s office; helps John in the garden; watches Bronia in the kitchen, and she hides on Declan, and he thinks he hears stuff. Katie has a cup of tea with Mary Porter.

Katie loves living in Warrenview Manor.

(by Keeva, aged 8)

(by Majka, aged 6)

The Fairy of Warrenview Manor

There once was a fairy called Isabel. She was very kind. When John’s ladder can’t reach the top of the building, Isabel always paints the top and helps Teresa work. But one night Isabel snook out of her room and went into John’s wheelbarrow. John took the trailer into a room and locked the door and Isabel couldn’t get out because John forgot the key. Isabel pushed and pushed but couldn’t get the key out, but then she found a key and pushed out the key. John said ‘naughty Isabel’ and Isabel just giggled.

By Riley, aged 7

The End.

The Fairy of Warrenview Manor

Once upon a time there was a fairy. The fairy lived in Warrenview Manor. She loved watching the children doing The Write Stuff Kids Club. Sometimes she went inside and sat on the books on the shelf, and listened to the children reading. When she got tired she went to her home in The Cutt Stone of Warrenview Manor, and went to sleep. In the Cutt Stone there was a little hole and that is where she lives.

She likes to eat the food that the children drop on the ground. One day she saw some flowers, and the flowers were pink and red, yellow and blue and green. The fairy’s name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is turning 19 in two days. Two days later, when Elizabeth woke up she was very sad because she lived all by herself. She was very lonely and had no one to play with. Then she saw a little fairy and her name was Mary, and then she became friends with Mary.

The End

(by Poppy, aged 8)

Home in Warrenview Manor

One day in Warrenview Manor a fairy was looking for a place to live. Her name was Holly. She went to The Border Café. She sneaked in and had a quick latté. After that she went to Warrenview Manor. She found Teresa and Teresa showed her the bird house. Holly thought it was a special place in Warrenview Manor. She enjoys reading the books on the shelves. She loves living at Warrenview Manor.

By Cara aged 8

Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Stories about Warrenview Manor from the children aged 9-12.

The Incy Wincy Donkey

(Bear in mind as you read below that Warrenview Manor has two goats – Pip and Daisy – which the children all love, and in the adjacent field is a donkey, which the children call Nemo, and also love. Hence the goats and donkey in the rhymes and stories.

The Incy Wincy Donkey

Ran around the Cutt Stone.

Out came the residents

And chased the donkey out.

All the people went back to bed,

So Incy Wincy Donkey

Ran around the Cutt Stone again.

(by Anna, aged 10)

Two little Goats

Teresa had two little goats

little goats

little goats

Teresa had two little goats,

Their names are Pip and Daisy.

Teresa had two little goats

Little goats

Little goats.

Teresa had two little goats,

Who went a little crazy.

(by Elsie, aged 10)

The Incy Wincy Goat

The Incy Wincy Goat was eating grass one day.

Out came Teresa and gave the goat some hay.

That evening Teresa went out to check

That the goat was still about.

But then the goat

Ran up the garden spout.

(by Gianna, aged 11)

Mary’s little Donkey

Mary had a little donkey

Little donkey, little donkey.

Mary had a little donkey,

He was super happy.

He followed her to Warrenview one day.

Warrenview one day, Warrenview one day.

He followed her to Warrenview one day,

And then she changed his nappy.

Mary sent him home again,

Home again, home again.

Mary sent him home again,

And she grabbed him by his rein.

(by Anna, aged 10)

The Story of Two Goats

Once upon a time there were 3 little goats, but one of them ran away because they had free roam. They were caged up. The goats that didn’t run away were called Pip and Daisy. The place was called Warrenview Manor. The goats did not like being caged so they broke out and ran into Grainne’s room. Grainne screamed and screamed.

(by Ruairí, age 9)


Baa Baa Nemo

Baa Baa Nemo, the Donkey

Have you any fur?

Yes Grainne, yes Grainne

3 bags full.

One for Teresa

One for John

And one for Mary who lives in the Warren.

Mary had a little goat

Mary had a little goat

A little goat, a little goat.

Mary had a little goat,

That ate her porridge oat.

Then Mary ate her little goat,

Because she had no porridge oat.

(by Rory, aged 10)

The Write Stuff Kids Club

Gráinne owns the Write Stuff Kids Club

Write Stuff kids club,

Write Stuff Kids Club.

Grainne owns the Write Stuff Kids Club

And it’s really fun.

(Gianna, aged 11)

Two Little Goats and a Donkey

Two little goats and a donkey went to build a house. The donkey built a straw house. A wolf was stalking the woods and found the donkey. He said, ‘open up or I’ll blow and blow and blow your house down.’ ‘No’ said the donkey. So the wolf blew and blew and blew the house down. The donkey ran away.

Meanwhile the first little goat, called Pip, built a house of sticks. But the wolf came and said ‘open up’. ‘No’ said Pip. So the wolf blew and blew and blew the house down.

The last little goat called Daisy, heard about the wolf and went to Warrenview Manor. The wolf came but couldn’t get in because Warrenview Manor is so safe.

(by Cathal, aged 11)


The Animals of Warrenview Manor

There were two little goats,

Who came on a boat,

To Warrenview Manor.

They made friends with the donkey,

Who was very wonkey.

While on the boat, they dreamed they ran,

Into a room, and made a loud boom.

Everyone screamed and then they found,

A bun, that was creamed.

(by Ronan, aged 9)

The two little goats and the big bad donkey

Once upon a time there were two goats who didn’t have a home. Their names were Pip and Daisy. They built a house out of straw one day in the nearby fields near Muff. But they didn’t know about the big bad donkey. The donkey came and blew down the goats’ house, so the goats sought shelter. They walked along and the found Warrenview Manor. The donkey followed them there but he set off the alarm. The goats were given an area next to the house and the donkey was put in prison.

The end.

(by Callum, aged 11

Stories about The Cutt Stone at Warrenview Manor.

The Cutt Stone stands in the garden to the rear of Warrenview Manor. The children at The WRITE STUFF Kids Club enjoy playing around The Cutt Stone. On sunny days they even take out their books and read and write at The Cutt Stone.

The Legend of the Cutt Stone

Long ago the great, great grandparents of Peggy and Mick McColgan lived in ancient China. They were very poor and worked down a mine. One-day Yang (the great great grandmother) was mining away at some rock, when a huge stone fell down. Both she and her husband tried to haul it up. When they got to the top, they took it to the village centre. And once everyone saw it, they agreed that it should be put up in the village square.

Centuries later it was shipped to Ireland by Peggy and Mick McColgan, and was put in the garden of Warrenview Manor. It was named the Cutt stone after the nearby area in Iskaheen.

(by Calum, aged 11)

By Poppy aged 8

The Cutt Stone (six-word-stories)

Cutt Stone in Warren View Manor.

Donated by Mick and Peggy McColgan.

Tall and grey; set in stones.

All the way from the Cutt.

(Elsie, aged 10)

The Cutt Stone

The Cutt Stone was found by Vikings in the 8th century. the Cutt Stone has magical powers. It’s power is so strong that if you touch it, you go into a deep sleep for 20 years. 50 million people fell asleep from it, so in the 9th century, they hid it in a place called Warrenview Manor. The people who hid it were called Mick and Peggy McColgan. The stone is still there after over 2000 years.

(Ruairí, aged 9)

The History of The Cutt Stone

One upon a time in 204BC, there was a planet called Meteor Byte. This planet sprayed meteors everywhere. Although there was one special meteor that went 1/10 mph. Many years later in 1904AD, th meteor finally landed in Mick and Peggy’s back garden. But it now lives at Warrenview Manor. You may think it’s a stone but just because it says, ‘The Cutt Stone’ doesn’t mean it’s a stone. It could be a pink fluffy unicorn; it could be a weird slime….you just never know.

(Ronan, aged 9)

The Cutt Stone from the Moon

It all started in 1969. Neil Armstrong was on the moon. He lifted up a rock and an alien karate-kicked him. He threw a giant stone and missed him and it landed in Mick and Peggy McColgan’s back garden in Iskaheen, Muff. They kept it for some time. After a long time, they donated the stone to Warrenview Manor. They put it in the garden and it has been there ever since.

(Rory, aged 10)

The Journey of the Cutt Stone

Once upon a time in Ancient Greece, Zeus was unhappy with the king of Athens. He sent a rock from the sky to crush his castle. Years later, the Vikings found the stone in Denmark. They took the stone in a boat but it got intercepted by and English ship. England kept the stone until it got stolen by France. France didn’t care about it and sold it to a Chinese trader. The Trader travelled to Europe and went to Ireland. He sold the rock to a blacksmith, who made it smaller. Years pass and the blacksmilt gets old and gives it to his friends Mick and Peggy McColgan. They name it The Cutt Stone after where they live. They put the newly-named Cutt Stone in a place called Warrenview Manor. And that is the story of the Cutt Stone.

(Cathal, 11)

By Keeva aged 8

The Fairy of The Cutt Stone

Once upon a time in Warrenview Manor there was a lovely old lady (aka a witch). She once caught a fairy. The fairy was very cheeky to the witch, so she cursed her to be evil. The fairy lived in The Cutt Stone. One day when an old lady passed the Cutt Stone the fairy jumped out and said, ‘Boo.’ The old lady fell over and hurt her foot. Her nephew came running. “What happened?” asked the nephew. A monster jumped out at me, replied the old lady. “ummmm, ok. Let’s get you inside.” The next day, Erin O’Donald came to meet her granny. She passed The Cutt Stone. The fairy jumped out. “Boo” yelled the fairy. Erin wasn’t scared at all. She said, “Stop that. Don’t your friends tell you not to do that.” “No” said the fairy. “Why not?” asked Erin. The fairy sniffed, “Sadly, I don’t have any friends.” “Well you do now. You have one,” said Erin.

Just then thousands of rainbows blasted through the air. The fairy started to glow, then she lifted up into the air and landed on the ground. The spell was broken. She turned Erin into a fairy and they went to fairyland.

(Anna, 10)

The Cutt Stone

One day in Warrenview Manor there was a stone called the Cutt Stone. It was donated by Mick and Peggy McColgan.

There was a little girl walking around the garden with her granny and grandad. They lived in Warrenview Manor.

When she was walking around, she saw a hole in the Cutt Stone. She ran over and looked in the hole. She said to her granny and granda, “look there is a hole.” They said, “cool.”

The little girl kept looking in the hole. Suddenly a little boy came out of the hole and gave her a shrinking potion. The little girl said, “what’s that for?” He said, “If you drink it you will get really small and you will be able to come in.” She said, “ok.”

She drank the shrinking potion and went really small. The boy said, “hop in.”

When she got in she asked him, “what is your name?” “Mark” he replied. Then Mark asked, “what is your name?” She said, “Riley.”

In the Cutt hole, they painted, they mined and they drew, and lots more.

Suddenly Riley started to grow. She said, “oh no, oh no.” Before she got any bigger, she jumped out.

Mark said, “thank god you jumped out Riley.” “Yeah” she said.

So Riley went back over to her granny and grandad and they said, “what were you doing and where were you? We were looking for you.”

Riley said nothing.

(Gianna, aged 11)


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