Mummy Pages and Me

Many people will remember I used to be a Mummy Blogger and then a Mummy Voice at but with the three kids now grown men it was time to bid farewell to the site a couple of years ago. But now I’m delighted to have a feature on the site today about the work I now do with children.

The The-WRITE-STUFF-Kids-Club is my new baby and it’s growing with each new week. So do have a wee read of just what this is all about on Mummy Pages today.

Reading and writing is doing so much good with our children and helping build their confidence and self-esteem in unimaginable ways. Here’s to many more books, stories, poems and #wordingfun with these amazing kids I am fortunate to know and work with.

To read some of my older work with Mummy Pages, have a read here:

I do hope you enjoy.


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