The Singing Pub/Síbín Ceoil

Situated just outside Downings in Co. Donegal on the Wild Atlantic Way, The Singing Pub/Síbín Ceoil is a place I’ve been meaning to visit for some time now. Somehow I just always seemed to miss out on the opportunity to go visit.

However having stayed in Downings this past weekend it was always going to be here we did go for Sunday dinner – hubby’s birthday dinner for 2019. Driving around on Sunday morning we popped in for a nose around when it was quiet. I wanted a look at the menu and to take some photos. All my nosiness was approved and I was given permission to shoot away with the camera. As I glanced down the menu I was already getting hungry but had to hold off till later – it was Sunday dinner I had planned after all – not breakfast.

The Singing Pub was welcoming and warm on Sunday morning. With a few walkers in resting and sitting by the turf fire, and Lola the dog, it really was a picturesque scene to behold. Staff allowed myself freedom to roam with the camera and of course that I did with ease and with time.

I found a lovely little room at the top end of the bar with books galore – my own little library to read in whilst I ate – bliss.

There was lovely open spaces with large tables for families to be comfortable at; there were booths for smaller gatherings and there were more intimate seating areas if you wanted some ‘us’ time whilst you ate. This little, quaint bar from the outside, proved extremely spacious inside.

On Sunday evening we returned to The Singing Pub and were very eager to order dinner. Himself went for the Scampi and I for the Cod. Not our usual choices but we wanted to try the seafood. Both were absolutely delicious. And served quickly and with a smile. Our drinks equally so. This was food to quench the hunger but it was also food that warrants a return. There’s more to be had on this menu.

The menu has something for everyone. A good range of starters, mains, extensive fish range, specials and what I’m told is an excellent steak. So the fish went down a treat, the remainder must now be sampled.

On Sunday evening there were very clearly locals around as they knew the staff and other customers. There were people with a variety of accents, clearly a hub for tourists, and then there was ourselves. Tourists to an extent, but living just an hour away. This pub, set in the hills of Donegal is certainly a haven for everyone.

As we ate, we listened to the music being played in the lower part of the bar. Children wandered freely around the bar and to the play area outside. Couples sat alone and large families were eating also. It was a combination of what makes rural Ireland brilliant. Sitting, observing and eating in this pub was an absolute delight.

If you haven’t been to The Singing Pub/Síbín Ceoil, then make that change – go try it. You really won’t be disappointed. We weren’t.


(see full range of photos on N)

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