North West Bar & Restaurant won’t let crime win.

I walked into The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant this morning for breakfast and was eagerly awaiting a tasty feed. With the miserable weather one was just thinking on getting inside and eating a nice warm breakfast. The premises was it’s usual bright self and staff all welcoming and friendly.

Nothing was amiss and certainly nothing looked out of place. But then it materialized that the bar/restaurant was broken into last night. Some thugs had little to do with their time so decided to embark upon a local family-run business, and attempt destruction.

Destruction and robbery may have been on their minds, but they only served to instill a sense of determination and motivation among owners and staff alike. Yes, a lot of unnecessary damage was done. equipment was damaged, and some glass doors smashed, but the thugs left empty handed and no doubt, heavy-hearted.

Robbery in the modern world is just not justified in any form. Why someone would contemplate, let alone carry out, such a crime, is beyond comprehension. To destruct another’s property for ones own gain (and fail) is just plain ignorant, and the only person these people are letting down, is themselves.

The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant are clearly utterly disappointed with such thuggery, but they are open, cooking, serving, and all with a smile on their faces. A break-in will not deter here.

As for my breakfast, it was rather yummy indeed. Just what the doctor ordered to fuel this long working Friday. And as for the thugs who were/are responsible, you have achieved nothing. If anything you’ve only served to make the people right here in the North West even more determined to beat your thuggery attempts and shine even brighter.

The Treehouse Bar & Restaurant in Muff is open for business and serving as always with a smile.


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