Village Life

I’ve been thinking recently that it’s high time I began writing/blogging more about village life right here in the North West of Ireland, and just how life here really is. Some see us as living in the far end of nowhere, but that’s not true.

Here in Inishowen, Muff, we are living in one of the most picturesque villages in Ireland. Bordering Derry and in the heart of Inishowen, we are so very fortunate to have access to beaches, cities, rural landscape and just about everything one want’s in country living.

We really do have the best of both worlds. We have the culture and the city life of Derry right on our doorstep. We have the serene life of a quiet Irish village on our doorstep. And we have access to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, right here on our doorstep.

We can focus on having no train service to the south of the country. We can focus on the impact the ever-present, foreboding that Brexit is about to bring upon us. But first and foremost what we focus on, is the fabulous area in which we doth live.

Muff, here in Donegal is the gateway to Inishowen as you cross the border. Although still very much a small village we boast a lot of business and some wonderful people. But you just have to come visit us to see just how wonderful we really are.

The sun is rising as I type and it’s destined to be yet another beautiful day here in Inishowen. And certainly here in our wee village. So if you’re at a loose end, come along this direction and see for yourself just what this little haven of a village has in store for you.

You might just be surprised.


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