Spring has sprung.

If you haven’t noticed just how much spring has sprung today, you’re certainly not living right here in the North West. I had a very early rise this morning at 5.15am as I was just awake and decided to get up and do some work. With lots of note prepping to do for my English tutoring work, it was Plath I was writing about as the sun rose earlier today.

It was as the sun rose that I couldn’t help but notice that this was destined to be a bright, beautiful day. As I sauntered around Ulster University campus at Magee (where I work as a Support Worker), I couldn’t help but take the phone out and photograph some of the beautiful brightness I was seeing.

Ulster University Magee

Throughout recent months I’m continually taking photographs of the world around me, but today it just felt like I really was experiencing a little bit of spring. The tulips are blooming on campus. The sky was cloud-free. And the sun actually had a sense of warmth about it.

Ulster University Magee

On arrival home at lunchbreak I noticed the local grass area in my estate freshly cut. A sure sign of spring. It not only looks like spring, but now it smells like it too.

Craig Muff

So as today is now approaching mid-afternoon, it will soon fast forward to evening and then night. So get outside before then and soak up that all important vitamin D. The sun is here. Spring has sprung. Don’t waste it. Go enjoy.


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