9 Year old pens her ‘Rum tum Tugger’ poem.

This is just worth sharing again. TS Eliot would be so impressed with 9 year old Susie in Muff, Co. Donegal.

North West Culture Gal

A young nine-year-old girl from Muff in Co. Donegal has penned her own version of T.S. Eliot’s Rum Tum Tugger poem. A lover of cats and a very talented young poet, Susie Peoples is currently part of a ‘Creative Writing and Imagination fun’ Summer Camp withThe WRITE STUFF Kids Clubin her home village.
As her facilitator at camp, I had talked to her just yesterday about workshops I did at Interact Festival in Derry last week, focusing on Eliot’s poetry about cats. I showed Susie The Rum Tum Tugger poem yesterday and told her she might enjoy it.
So of course Susie did what she does best – she penned her own version relating to her own cat, Tiddles.
And so The Rum Tum Tiddles was created. T.S. Eliot would certainly be impressed I don’t doubt:

The Rum Tum Tiddles (by Susie Peoples, aged 9)
The Rum Tum…

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