Lunch at The Eating House, Carndonagh.

The Muff Ladies are well known for dining out. This group of ladies meet on a regular basis to catch up and enjoy fine dining when time allows. Normally this is dining in a local restaurant, or indeed farther afield at times. But this week it was suggested we try The Eating House, or Packie Farrens, in Carndonagh. As we were free to meet earlier today, we decided to give this a try. And boy, it was a welcomed lunch retreat we did find there.

On arrival we discovered that we were not going to have our usual main course, or sometimes two-course meal; today we were destined to enjoy a 4-course meal in the comfort of what one can only describe as ‘good old fashioned style and cooking.’

Set in the heart of Carndonagh, adjacent to Farrens Bar, the traditional dining space reminded me of my Granny’s house. Old style bookcase and furniture made it all feel so very homely. And very friendly staff and home cooking were very much part of the experience.

There was soup and vol-au-vents to start, followed by stewing steak and fish dishes as mains. The home made bread, and good old traditional loaf was all part of the dining too. Absolutely delicious, traditional, yummy food is the only way I can describe it. It’s a long time since I got a plate overflowing with meat and veg and the best potatoes I’ve ever tasted. (I’m not a spud kinda gal, but these were the business.)

Followed by warm apple pie, custard and ice-cream, washed down with delicious coffee, this was a lunch that will prove very hard to beat.

Banter, craic and chatter ruled the lunch break. People came and went and a real social haven we found here at The Eating House. The owner popped in for a chat, and Angela was the perfect server. It was faultless indeed. But oh, the food! And it all cost a meager €12. Now that’s a bargain to be reckoned with.

Mind you I didn’t expect to visit ‘The Hen House’ when I visited the ‘loo’ but that’s exactly what I found under the stairs!! All in good taste I must add. We even got to sign the ‘visitors book.’

I didn’t want to leave and return to the working day, but needs must. A nap would have been much more in order, but alas, that had to wait.

If you’re looking for home-cooking in a very traditional way, you will find it right here at The Eating House. And you really won’t be disappointed. We weren’t, and we certainly will make a return visit.


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