Valentines Day

It comes but once a year and like other ‘special’ days, it’s totally blown out of all proportion. Valentines Day is a day of love and celebration, and for many it’s a day they’d rather ignore. Pressure, commercialization and expectation have taken over yet again.
Do we really need flowers on Valentines Day? Do we really need that special gift? The answer of course is a very definite NO. But, even after 28 Valentines together, I’ll get my card and my flowers. Himself is very attentive in such ways. It’s not a huge romantic gesture. It’s a genuine show of affection. I love cards and I love flowers, so on this day each year, he never fails to deliver.
And yes, in return, I also present he with card and a small token. And yes it does be a small token. One that will mean something to us. Not something that will cost me a month’s savings or such. And it’s not something to shout to all and sundry about. This is always very much between he and I.
However, I’m very much in favour of spending as little money as possible for this day. It’s not about how much was spent on you, or how much you spend on himself/herself. It’s always the thought that counts.
For those that are single on Valentine’s Day it can be annoying seeing couples smooching and vocalizing what they received/gave.

So yes, for me Valentines’ Day does have personal significance. But it’s just that, personal. I have a collection of cards dating right back now to 1991, when I got that first one. I’m a hoarder and personal things never get disposed off.
As time goes by, I think it’s even more important to spend time with and share those special occasions more than ever. Our children are now grown and it’s nice that we still have our time, our own personal time to do more together. Even as the children were young, we took that time. Maybe that’s why we continue to take it and enjoy it even more.
So as this Valentines approaches, I’ll scour the card shops – not any card will suffice. Himself will always pay attention to detail when it comes to the card also. That’s our thing. That’s us. It doesn’t have to be everyone else. I enjoy shopping for a card. So, it’s never a chore, never a duty, it’s a fun and a personal shopping expedition.
I don’t do the hearts and soppy gifts. I like the meaningful ideas. No-one else will get our ideas, it’s just between us.
So whatever you do on Valentines Day, enjoy it. It’s just another day in just another week. But isn’t it always nice to make an effort, no matter how small.
Happy Valentines Day all xx


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