Homegrown 2019 at Millennium Forum, Derry

Now in its seventh year,  Homegrown is getting bigger. What was  initially an idea for City of Culture Year 2013, has become a much anticipated annual event in Derry. I caught up with founder of the event, Paul Casey over Christmas to find out a little bit more about this years event, taking place on Friday 4th January at Derry’s Millennium Forum.

Homegrown is an annual event now – did you foresee this when you first started off with the event initially (7 years ago I think!)?

No, absolutely not! I had the initial idea of homegrown for the Culture year of 2013. I thought it would be great to have a gig which was only about local music local sound crews & local presenters. Luckily David McLaughlin from the Millennium forum was interested and gave us a date for early January which ended up being the first live music event of the Culture year. It was so well supported, so when I asked David would he be interested in doing it the following year he said yes. We’re still here every January!

What makes Homegrown such a special one?

Like I said, that fact that its all about celebrating local music is what I think makes it work. 

Who is all playing at the gig this year?

Paddy Nash & the Happy Enchildas, PORTS, The inside Out featuring George Hutton, and myself.

How important is it for you to bring this ‘homegrown’ music to the hometown?

Yeah, it means a lot to me that Homegrown has now become an annual event. I have plans to hopefully do other things, like a Homegrown unplugged type gig in summertime and try introduce new music and bands.

Is it still a special occasion playing in front of that home crowd/audience?

Yeah, the forum is a great venue. I played there loads over the years but Homegrown always seems to be the one I remember.

How has 2018 been for Paul Casey?

Busy thank God! I’ve been working in studios for many years now and a few years ago I built my own studio at home. I’ve been so busy working on music for so many other bands/artists. 

What’s been your highlight of the past year?

Through the studio I’ve met some really nice people which always makes it a pleasure to work in music.

What are Paul Casey’s plans for 2018?

To hopefully keep doing what I’m doing. To be able to make a living as a working musician because these days is tricky enough, so I always count my blessings!

Homegrown tickets are available now from www.millenniumforum.co.uk or by calling the box office on 02871264455. 


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