Local children run ‘sports day’ for Laura Lynn foundation

It came to my attention recently that three young ladies who are part of my WRITE STUFF Kids Club at Greencastle Center in Donegal have been busy over the summer months raising money for the children’s hospice, LauraLynn Foundation. I spoke with the three ladies yesterday and they told me all about it.
Ava Coyle (11), Ciara McLaughlin (11) and Clara Doherty (9) are the three fundraisers. Their friend Lily was also very heavily involved but it is these three who attend my kids club.
Ava, Ciara and Clara were part of a group of children who live in The Link’s, Greencastle. This is an estate where the girls are all friends as well as neighbours. The girls told me that their friend Lily’s Mum had been doing some fundraising so they decided they could do similar themselves.
And so they set about organising a sports day at their estate. Children from all around took part and the parents helped get supplies and Lily’s Mum even managed to get medals for all the competitors.
They had running races, sack races, three-legged races and more. There was a stall selling tea and buns.
I hear there was also a very fun water fight and football match.
Together with their friend these young ladies managed to raise a whopping €267.44 for the LauraLynn Foundation.
This goes to show that our young folk are not only gifted but also very kind, thoughtful and considerate. I’m certainly very proud to know these young folk. Huge well done to all of you.


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