The Days of the week as you never imagined.

A young man from Ture, Muff, Co. Donegal penned this wonderful piece earlier today at  a local summer camp with The WRITE STUFF Kids Club. The exercise was to personify the days of the week. or to describe the days as you see/feel about them.

Colm Barton is just 10 years old, and he captured his feelings brilliantly as he wrote.

Monday is the day of hope. It attempts to fill you with determination. 

Tuesday is the day of doubt. You begin to doubt you can make it through the whole week .

Wednesday is the day of sadness. You have given up on Hope and Wednesday has given up hope on you. Also it has music at school and I hate music at school.

Thursday is the day to try and renew the hope that Monday had brought.

Friday is our hope returning and over-powering sadness. It is the start of the weekend and the start of happiness.

On Saturday the battle has ended and good has beaten evil. You can do what you want.

And Sunday is the calm before the storm starts again.

By Cathal Barton, aged 10.

An epic description of the weekdays I do think.


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