Eternal Style – Positive Aging with Susan Jackson

So Sue Me, aka Suzanne Jackson, is one of Ireland’s leading bloggers and fashion experts. She really has taken the fashion and blogging world by storm. I’ve been following Suzanne for a few years now and I’m a big fan. However, being a tad older (ok, a lot older) her blog is a little beyond me. I’m not a fashionista or a make-up fanatic so I was delighted to discover that Eternal Style, aka Susan Jackson (Suzanne’s mother) has started her very own Instagram blog for the 50+ lady. Now I’m not quite 50+,  but next year will see me hit that 50 mark (yikes I’ve admitted it!!) and Susan is much more relatable for my age. Suzanne, So-Sue-Me is exceptional in what she does so it’s a delight to have her mother now influencing the generation of our good selves.

I was delighted to make contact with Susan just a few weeks ago via Instagram and she very kindly agreed to talk to me about her Instagram blog, her life, and her outlook. A real inspirational lady she surely is.

Just how did she get started in this social media world of blogging? “I just started posting the odd picture on Instagram back in 2013 when I was getting to know my smartphone, and all of it’s uses and I just love taking photos!  In November 2017 I changed my page to Eternal Style and I started posting fashion and everyday outfits for the older woman etc.” Now Susan, less of the ‘older woman’ malarkey. You’re still a young one in my eyes!!

Did her famous daughter Suzanne influence her mother to embark on this journey?  “Suzanne did not influence my decision to embrace the Social Media world as a Blogger. I searched for the older woman on Instagram and realised there were very few Bloggers for my age group. I suggested it to her one day that I was going to start a Blog and she encouraged me all the way and told me to go for it. I was a bit nervous about putting myself out there as such but she reassured me and I went for it.” I for one am delighted her daughter did indeed encourage her to go for it. 
How has the response to Eternal Style page been? “The response to my page has been amazing.   I get lovely comments and messages from lots of women of a similar age group and the feedback is all good and encourages me to keep going. Women are always messaging me and saying how much they love the posts.  They ask lots of questions and advice through direct messaging also.” I could do with some help for my cousins wedding tomorrow but as always I’ve left it too late. Next time Susan I’ll be calling on you!
I just love Susan’s passion for ‘positive aging’. Have she always been so positive? “As you say my passion is Positive Ageing and I always use it in my hashtags. As you get older you realise how precious life is and also how tough it can be. We only get one chance and I know that as my own parents have passed.  We do not get a practice run therefore I have learned to enjoy life as much as I can and try and stay as positive as I possibly can. Negativity is not in my radar. I do believe we have to create our own happiness and have compassion and train our minds to see the good in everything. I am more confident at this stage of my life because I care less about what other peoples opinions are of me.” I think that’s a very important lesson for us all to embrace – to care less what other people think. It really is something that does come with age.
Any plans for a website and do more blogging? “I do intend to have a website up and running over the next few months and I have lots of topics to blog about. I have a website under construction and I am currently still working on it. I do not have a time frame but hopefully it will be up and running before the Autumn.” I and many more are very looking forward to that. 
What did Susan Jackson do before all this?  “I worked full time since I completed my Leaving Certificate and I started job sharing when my third child was born in 1994. I worked in Credit Control for a number of years before joining Bank of Ireland. I worked in a number of Branches and I loved my career there. I left in 2012.”
What are Susan’s future plans?  “I will take things slowly and what will be will be. I am looking forward to the website but it will not take all my free time. I have no intention of spending every day on Social Media. Suzanne tells me I am doing great and she gives me lots of encouragement.  Her pals are always telling me to keep my page going as their Mums love it.  My motto is to take each day as it comes and my health is my wealth. Live in the moment and appreciate what we have.”

Very wise advice from an equally wise woman. Positive Aging is something we must all embrace and what better way that to have Susan inspiring us with her life and her story. I’m very looking forward to following Susan and her Eternal Style, and hopefully I’ll pick up a few fashion tips along the way. I just hope she doesn’t mind that I’m a Dr Marten kinda girl who lives in her jeans!!

Susan Jackon can be found on Instagram under the name, Eternal Style. Go give her a follow and you really won’t be disappointed. 

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