Exploring Ireland’s WILD ATLANTIC WAY (book)

Exploring Ireland’s WILD ATLANTIC WAY is a travel guide to the west coast of Ireland by David Flanagan and Richard Creagh.
The Atlantic coast of Ireland is an amazing place, a land full of contrasts. Beaming sunshine one minute, thick cloud and rain the next. Deserted islands and packed pubs, Calm bays and raging open sea. Barren moorland and fertile grass plains.
The above extract from this vastly descriptive and informative book is simply spot on. Having grown up and lived in this part of the world my entire life, I smiled on reading the introduction to this hugely well put together guide of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The book is organised by county (Sligo and Leitrim taking up one chapter, being the exception). Each chapter gives an in-depth account of the county, the landscape, the activities, the various sites and more. There really is so much to explore with each new chapter, new county.

For someone like myself this information is nothing new. I’ve always known the beauty and attractions that are present right here on our home turf (I’m being very Donegal in my language!). Home turf is just that…where we are from (and yes we still burn turf!). Each county is so well presented that you really will want to come visit. This book showcases that Ireland has so much more to offer than just the pubs, the cities and the landscape.
The activities alone are mind-blowing and many are such one doesn’t expect to find right here in Ireland, let alone along it’s Wild Atlantic Way.
Paul Durcan (Irish poet) once penned: ‘Do you ever take a holiday abroad. No, we always go to America.’ Such is the extension of America and Ireland, separated only by the Atlantic Ocean. However, one need not leave Irish shores if you really want to explore this wonderful country of ours. The ‘American Dream’ was once sought of by many Irishmen. Now it’s the Wild Atlantic Way dream that is sought by many abroad (and at home).

Irelands Wild Atlantic Way will take you from Cork to Donegal. It can be traveled in part or indeed in full. But to enjoy the whole experience, one really would need take months to enjoy and experience all that it has to offer. This guide will show just how much there really is to explore.
What is really enjoyable about this book is the vast array of photographs showcasing this beautiful, stunning part of our coastline in all its beauty. The photos alone will attract and entice you to visit.
Each county and what it has to offer is explored in detail.
Of course I was keen to get to the chapter on Donegal. I wasn’t disappointed. Two of my favourite places to visit are well detailed – Marble Hill Strand and Glenevin Waterfall. Two exceptionally picturesque spots.

Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way really is an essential guide for anyone wishing to travel the west coast of Ireland. It’s very much focused on the great outdoors. One can never depend on the weather to accommodate, but that is all part of this wonderful experience. Pack for the sun, and pack for the snow, that way you really won’t be surprised or left in the lurch. Whether you travel the route in its entirety or one county at a time, you really won’t be disappointed. This exceptional part of Ireland has many hidden treasures and you will fall in love with them over and over again on your journey.
Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is available in all good bookshops nationwide now and also at Three Rock Books.


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