Weather Story

This is a little story a young man from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club at Letterkenny library penned at home this week. It shows his creativity and his interest in writing stories. And it highlights his observation and imagination skills. Note I left the spelling as he spelled as I really believe this is part of the authenticity of a child’s work. This is so lovely. Huge well done Oisín.
Weather Story
It was so rainy yesterday and wet. I could not go to the slide or the swing! It is too wet still outside. Oh look the sun is peaking out now. The rain is clearing. Yay! At dinner it got windy. The bench blew into the bush! I would blow away! But I wanted a adventure! So I ran to the wall! Suddenly I glared at the tornado storming towards me. I sprinted into the field next door. That’s when I realized my home would get ruined. So I put on metel heavy snow boots. Great I’m not blowing away. I found a swich in the tornado. I flicked the swich and the tornado ended! These boots hurt my feet! I’m gonna get a smothie in the cafe. I deserve it.
Oisín Lafferty, aged 8

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