Donegal on the Ireland map for all the RIGHT reasons

Popular website Ireland Before You Die has posted ‘The Irish Bucket List: 25 things to do and places to see before you die.’ And low and behold, good old Donegal tops the list at No. 1. In fact Inishowen tops that list with Malin Head at the fore. 
No. 1 on the Bucket List simply reads: 

Visit the Most Northern Point of Ireland – Malin Head, Co. Donegal
The most northern part of the island of Ireland is beautiful. It proves that from top to bottom, Ireland is full of beauty. The bonus of this trip is being able to tell everyone you’ve stood at the most northern part of Ireland!

But it really is a delight to see it featured as a place to visit on ones ‘Bucket List’ of ‘places to see before you die.’

Born and bred in Inishowen I cannot argue with this advice. A lover of our most Northerly point I visit it on a regular basis. Myself and himself go off on the motorbike regularly and walk around the head. It’s been a favourite haunt of ours from meeting 27 years ago and it continues to hold a special place in our hearts. I never tire of visiting this local spot and simply love the atmosphere, surrounding and feeling at Malin Head. And of course we now have ‘Star Wars’ as our claim to fame. However, here in Inishowen we really don’t need a claim to fame as we all love our most ‘northerly point’ and consider it home. 

Also featured on this list is an outstanding beach not too far away.

Stunning Portsalon Beach was described as being ‘Ireland’s most beautiful beach’ – and it’s hard to argue with such.
It really is one of the most amazing sights on the planet, let alone Ireland on a beautiful sunny day!
The website simply stated:
“Many people would consider this Ireland’s most beautiful beach, and it’s easy to see why.
“A very extensive sandy beach on the shores of Lough Swilly. It gently slopes towards the Atlantic ocean and is located in a Natural Heritage Area (NHA).
So at long last, here in Donegal we really are getting some very worthwhile notice. We sometimes feel like the ‘forgotten county’ but alas, we’re being put on the ‘world map’ as having places one ‘must see’ before one dies. 
I’m sure all in Donegal will agree with me that we really do live in a very special place. One of beauty and one which is home to some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery. And of course the people really are, second to none. Donegal is discovered at last. 

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