Art Exhibition: "What Leaves, What’s Left Behind"

“What Leaves, What’s Left Behind” at the Saldanha Gallery, Fort Dunree
Artlink are presenting a solo exhibition by artist Janet Hoy, entitled “What Leaves, What’s Left Behind”, at the Saldanha Gallery in Fort Dunree, from Tuesday  19ththrough to Sunday, 24th September.
The exhibition showcases a collection of work which explores Hoy’s interest in the ‘everyday’ creation of art as a cathartic process of externalising thoughts and emotions, and the role of art as a means of creating community out of empathy and cultural identification.

The work ranges across a variety of media, including installation, video, print and sculpture.  Works such as ‘The Rag Tree’ and ‘What Is Left’ reflect the poignancy of human emotion and our recourse to imagination in times of crisis, evoking an unspoken bond of empathy and understanding between the viewer and the art creator, mediated through the artwork.
Hoy explains that “We have commodified art and created celebrities out of artists, while at the same time devaluing the arts in our education system as “unprofitable” for the many.  However, in doing so, I think we are devaluing the intrinsic worth of our imaginations to us as individuals, and also to our societies, where we thrive when we create strong communities with shared cultural expression.”
As a way of realising that sense of community, instead of having an opening event for this exhibition, Artlink and the artist have scheduled a closing event on Sunday, 24th September, from 2-4 pm. During the afternoon Hoy will be taking down some of the exhibits, which are pieces of art in bottles, in order to create a “Message in a Bottle” event.  She explains “ Fort Dunree feels like it is on the edge of the world, as it faces out into the Atlantic so, weather and tides permitting, we aim to reach out and share our culture by “launching” some of the bottles into the ocean as a “free art” gesture.  Hopefully, through Facebook, we will be able to track where some of these bottles make landfall and create a new “community” through our art.  I would like to thank all of the artists who have donated their work to be part of this installation and event.”
The exhibition opens at the Saldanha Gallery, Fort Dunree, Linsfort, Donegal, on Tuesday 19th September, and is open daily between 10.30 am and 4 pm, closing on Sunday 24th September at 4 pm. 
For more information please contact Artlink
T : (+353) 0838696513
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