Inishowen children write about ‘The Floods’

Last week I posted some stories which the children in the Buncrana group of The WRITE STUFF Kids Club had penned. Just last Saturday a number of children from the Muff group penned a selection of six-word stories. These children are aged between just 8 and 12. Some of their words are very breathtaking and mind-blowing:

Road flooded. Lights out. Really scared. (Emma, 10)

People lost their houses. So bad. (Hannah, 10)

Houses, Roads, Bridges. DESTROYED. Thunder, Lightening. (Mollie, 10)

Rivers burst. Houses destroyed. 16 Homeless. (Mollie, 10)

Army seen in Burnfoot helping people. (Mollie, 10)

Rain, Thunder, Lightening, Floods, Danger. HELP. (Caitlin, 12)

It rained, poured, bucketed and destroyed. (Anna, 10)

Houses, roads, flooded. Big holes. Dreadful. (Will, 9)

Roads gone. Barely see. Scary night. (Aine, 11)

Heavy rain. Loud thunder. No power. (Susie, 8)

Rain, Thunder, Lightening, Mudslide. Frightening. Scared. (Megan, 9)

What poignant words these really are. The floods have left their mark on our children. And somehow, their words make so much sense. They have interpreted that night with such bravery and honesty.


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