The WRITE STUFF Kids pen their ‘flood memories’ from Inishowen

The Buncrana children from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club wrote their memories earlier tonight about the recent floods here in Inishowen. As we just returned this week to our weekly workshops with the club, I spent this evening talking to the children in Buncrana at Tullyarvan Mill about their summer holidays and their stories of the ‘floods’. What followed was ‘summer wording fun’ and a short piece about how they felt, or what they recall from that fateful night of flooding in the area.
Below are the pieces these children wrote. They are all aged from just 7-10.

Anna, aged 10:
The Flood
Rain, rain, it rained all day,
The roads filled up,
Then down the drains.
But I knew I was safe locked up in my room, Reading and reading all afternoon.

Amy, aged 8
The Floods
Down down came the rain. It wouldn’t stop till the next day.
Lightening came down in a flash,
And the thunder came down in a dash.
It was scary, I didn’t like it at all.
I was in my room, dreaming all night long.

Eva, aged 8
Floods are horrible in 2017. A very bad flood came to Buncrana. So many people lost their homes. Trees washed away and the power went out. All my sisters, they went crazy. The horse stables even got damaged.

Grace, aged 8
One Horrible Night
Thunder and lightening
Terrfying for us all.
I’m in my bed nice and cosy,
Thinking about all of those who,
Lost their homes.
This has all taught me a lesson – rain can be stronger than you think.

Kate, aged 7 – acrostic poem 
First, there was a flood
Lightening and thunder and lots of rain
Over the roads, lots of holes
Oozing water everywhere
Daily life now everyone must care.

I’m sure you’ll agree these are all equally special and the words of a child really do sum up what we experienced that night. Huge well done to all of these kids on penning their ‘flood’ pieces.


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