Walled City Open Coffee

An avid coffee lover, I enjoy nothing more than walking around Derry city and popping into the various coffee shops for that much needed caffine hit and lunch when time allows. As a freelance writer I’m often inside tapping on my keys and sipping my americano. At other times, I’m sipping whilst interviewing a musician or other artist. There’s always a reason to justify my love of coffee shops.
However, over the years I’ve always been disappointed that there’s been nowhere to go for a coffee when on a night to the theater or a music gig. On a weeknight I’m not fussed on frequenting a bar but have ended up doing such just for a meet-up prior to a gig. A coffee meet-up would be much more welcomed.

So when I discovered the Walled City Open Coffee incentive was about to be launched in the city for the month of August, I was delighted. This incentive enables one coffee shop to be open each night until 10pm. So if it’s a meeting, a theatrical visit or other, there’s somewhere to pop for a coffee and chat beforehand, or after (if time allows). Or it’s just nice to know that we can go into town and have a coffee after 7pm. I’ve done such with friends in recent weeks.
At present the rota schedule takes us up to Saturday September 2nd. I for one am hoping this might just be extended. A nice late night coffee or hot chocolate on a frosty winter night will be divine.
Great incentive Derry and here’s to more late night coffee dates as opposed to those ‘wine’ dates. Coffee will suffice with this NWCulture Gal.


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