Harry’s Derry fine dining

Harry’s Derry is my most recent treasured find close to home. Living here in the border village of Muff, Derry city is of course a second home and I’m very fortunate of the dining experiences on hand in the city center and beyond. I’d been itching to visit Harry’s for a few months but alas I finally made

my first venture there just over two weeks ago.
It was a Saturday night and himself and myself decided to kick-start our night out with a nice meal at Harry’s. It was an absolutely delightful experience. However, I refrained from blogging about it as I decided I’d wait until my next visit, to ensure the standard of food and service was indeed consistent.
So last night when a friend was returning to the city for one night only I was left with the task of choosing our dining venue. So, Harry’s Derry it was to be once more.
We were running late for our scheduled booking last night so I decided to call ahead and explain that we would be 15-20 minutes late. That wouldn’t be a problem I was reassured and even told that I was indeed running on Derry time so there was no need to panic. Phew, I was content and so we took our time walking up Shipquay Street from the car-park below in Foyle Street.

As we entered the premises, we were immediately welcomed and shown to our table. One by the window looking into the Craft Village surround. A sun filled evening allowed this to be a rather pleasant view indeed. We were watching people go by with their lives and studied the menu. It was going to be a difficult choice. A glass of wine was ordered and more pondering done. Our waiter was very patient and explained all the choices and what each dish consisted of. Finally a chicken and a hake dish were settled upon.
On arrival of both dishes we were instantly overwhelmed with the precision to detail of presentation. Both dishes really did look ‘too good to eat’. But eat we most definitely did. And not a scrap was left on either plate. To say my hake was perfect would be an understatement. It was the best I’ve tasted. And although I’m not a potato person, the baby boiled that accompanied the dish were divine and not even a skin was left uneaten!!
When the waiter came along to clear our table, we couldn’t help but pay continuous compliments to every element of the main dishes.
And of course the dessert menu had to be looked at – only looking we reassured our lovely waiter. Alas, it had to be sampled too. Whilst my companion ordered ‘Valhrona Chocolate Cream, Apricot, Praline, Dulce De Leche, I couldn’t resist the Almond offering of ‘Cherry and Almond Clafoutis, Salted Cherry Blossom Ice Cream’. And boy what an experience it was: The chocolate offering was ‘divine’ I’m told, but my almond offering was ‘sheer heaven’. I’m not a cherry lover, but this was special in every way. Desserts just don’t get much better.
In fairness I’m NO food critic but I love eating out and really enjoy fine dining. When a good meal is delivered with equally good service it deserves notice.
Harry’s Derry is such. The service was such that at all times, someone was on hand. But never in your face. Regular checking was done, but never intrusive. Explanations of food and a thorough one of the menu was delivered in a clear and concise way. We did engage in some humour with our lovely waiter and he took it on the chin!!
Food was second to none. Service was first class. Surrounding was simple yet elegant. And the price was affordable. Oh, and the wine was pretty good too – this gal likes a good wine as all know by now.
So shall I be making another visit to Harry’s Derry? Most definitely so and I’ve suggested quite a few other folk do likewise.
Derry’s Craft Village is sure to be alive this summer and fine dining is certainly at it’s very heart now too.
Harry’s can be found at 29 Craft Village, Derry. Tel:  +44 28 7137 1635


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