Craft Beer Club Ireland

It’s always great to discover a new business. It’s even better to discover it’s a local business! Today I did just this. And it involves BEER. Now that can’t be bad.
Craft Beer Club Ireland is a local club based right here in Inishowen and is aiming to provide clients with new and exciting beers brewed here on the island of Ireland from numerous local microbreweries.

The club is offering a selection of packages which in turn sends a selection of the said beers to its clients (you) to enjoy, discover, savour and share among friends. A perfect way to celebrate that special occasion.

Craft Beer Club Ireland started as a group of friends who were passionate about having good craic and good beer.  We would scour Ireland trying to find beers that we hadn’t tried before to share between us and in recent years have been spoiled with the number of microbreweries popping up all over the country.
Our shared passion for seeing local ingredients and local breweries producing small batches of quality beer led us to develop the idea of this club, so we could share these exclusive beers with like-minded people who want something a bit more than the stuff that fills the supermarket shelves.  At Craft Beer Club Ireland we do the leg work for you and specially select the beers for you so you don’t have to.
 We will send you a parcel once a month with delicious locally produced craft beer and a newsletter featuring the story behind the beer, the Master Brewers who make it, information about the brewery, their other products and where to get more! There are many many exciting new beers out there – all with unique names, ingredients and flavours – all just waiting to be discovered!

Craft Beer Club aims to be Ireland’s most popular craft beer discovery club. They want to support local brewers by building a community of Craft Beer lovers across the country. They aim to be known for providing a quality experience and service to all who avail of the service. 
All you have to do is sing up online, order some beer, and next thing you know, it will be on your doorstep….magic!

To find out more about this great new facility and how you can become part of it, visit now, and you too can be part of the most up and coming business in the North West. 


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