The Workshop Coffee Co.

Muff is a small village in North West Inishowen and is a little treasure trove at that. Nestled just outside Derry city it really is the gateway to Inishowen en route from the city. Many people have been passing through it for years, but since last summer, more and more people are stopping over here just for a cup of coffee, bite of breakfast, lunch, and more. Thanks to the arrival of Inishowen’s trendiest, most welcoming coffee shop, The Workshop Coffee Co.
Having opened during Muff Festival 2016, it really has become a coffee lovers favourite ever since. Living here in the village, it saves myself so much time travelling and indeed expense. Being a blogger and freelance writer I find myself spending lots of time in coffee shops meeting, interviewing and in free time, just hanging out with friends. Now I’m able to do all that in my own home village.
I’ve had friends from London, Birmingham, Dublin, Galway, and more nearby, all come along to enjoy our new facility in Muff. I’ve worked in here, I’ve lunched in here, and I regularly just coffee in here.
I’ve even had Joleen from the Henry Girls there for an interview with Irish Music Magazine. No doubt I’ll be taking many more along to enjoy the fabulous coffee surroundings at The Workshop Coffee Co. in the coming weeks, months and indeed years to come.
If you’re passing through the village any time soon, do take time for that coffee break and see just what this wonderful establishment has to offer. You really won’t be disappointed.


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