Children’s Writing for St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Children from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club in Buncrana composed a series of stories this evening at Tullyarvan Mill for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them just as much as I did.

Laura Lavery (9)
The Day I met a Leprechaun
It was Sunday and I was in my school yard playing catch with a ball when I saw a rainbow and the ball suddenly dropped out of my hand and I ran, and ran. And ran. But I got there finally. But then I saw a green flash running past me. I thought of all the green things. Oh, but then I thought of a
leprechaun. I knew it was a leprechaun because it was just past St. Patrick’s Day. It then came out from behind a tree. It said nothing. But then it did a dance. And so I carried on.
The End.

Anna O’Donnell (9)
The Day I found a four leaf clover
One day I was walking in the park. I looked down and what did I see? A four leafed clover! I picked it up and put it in my pocket and started to walk home.

On my way home I went into a shop to get the bread Mum wanted. Just then the shopkeeper said, “you get a free ice-cream because you are my one millionth customer.” “This clover is lucky”, I said and I took the ice-cream, bought the bread and said “goodbye.”
When I was nearly home I saw a teddy on the ground. He was so cute so I took him home. I’m going to keep this clover on me forever I thought.
When I got home Mum said I could bake a cake. A chocolate cake. So I did. 30 minutes later the cake was baked and it was delicious.
And the luck just kept going on for ever and ever.
The end.

Doireann Healey (10)
The Day I found a four leaf clover
“Lily!” Sarah whined “I’m hungry!” Lily jogged across the kitchen, tipping many pots and pans along the way. The girl paused, and stared at her lime-coloured apron. It was covered in baby food and many other things Lily didn’t dare think about. The words “Lily’s childminding service” were faded and barely visible.
“Right”, Lily panted, opening the back door. The green house lay in the distance, the sun shining on the glass. As she slouched through the garden, a single object caught her eye. It was a four leaf clover, and it was blowing in the wind. Lily slowly made her way towards the plant, her hand trembling.
How was this possible? The ground of the garden was made of sand, because Lily thought that it would be a good idea to let the kids play. But all they want to do is watch TV.
“Wow..” The girl gently picked the clover, completely forgetting about lunch. Lily strolled inside again.
As soon as she slid open the door, Sarah screamed and kicked in her high-chair. “Men!” she wailed. “Outside door.”
The girl sprinted to the front door, confused. Two professional looking men stood there, holding a giant ticket. it read €100,000 and had that little star on top. My heart stopped. And it was all because of that four leaf clover.
The End.

I’m sure you will surely agree what wonderful pieces of work these really are. The children has approximately 30 minutes to pen their stories earlier this evening and genius they all were.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2017 from all at The WRITE STUFF Kids Club. 💚


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