Sweetheart Naomi on The Sweethearts of Swing!

It’s now less than 24 hours until The Sweethearts of Swing launch at The Belfray Country Inn, Derry. This new act will showcase the music and more from the 1940’s and promises to be a night to remember. Having caught up with Orla and Kat in recent days, it was time to see just why Naomi was part of this new and exciting act.
“I was looking for something in my life and career that I could really get my teeth into, as well as something that I could take a better creative control over. To be honest I had been looking for people to join me in some sort of musical venture but I wasn’t quite sure what that was. So when the opportunity arose I jumped at it: it was perfect, in fact it was exactly what I had been looking for. The fact that I could get to utilise my voice and harmony ability in such a way, with two great friends, never mind total professionals, was such an exciting prospect.
I have always loved the WW2 era myself, having played characters in plays set in that era, I loved the fashion, hairstyles and the romanticism that came along with it all. Not forgetting of course the incredible sound of the big band style. So all in all, it felt like the stars had aligned to make this happen at this time in my life.
The icing on the cake really is that I get to experience all of this with two woman whom I love dearly and although I have worked professionally with them both before, you don’t really get to truly know people until you start a business with them, and it is amazing how close you can become so quickly.The beauty is that we all have to bring something different to the table and we are all able to take on various roles within the business side of the group, never mind vocally. Thankfully we are able to swap between harmonies within our song list, which really makes us all feel like we can use different parts of our voices as well as being able to be showcased equally which is important. Kat has taken more of a role as Musical Director, although we all have a say in what songs we sing and who sings what, Kat takes on the harder work of arranging the music if needed and sending out our harmony lines to us with her piano skills. Orla is our chief admin woman: she is super organised and I would describe her to be like our liaison officer, she is great when it comes to contacting others and having a great rapport with everyone. Orla likes to call me the technical wizard, which I love, because to be honest that came as a bit of a shock to me. I make the posters and deal with the technology side of the music and any other computer needs of the group. So it really is a joint effort all round.The best part of all of this is of course, when it all comes together and we get to perform. The feeling is just incredible, but it is made even better by the reaction we have had from the audience. Seeing older people with that glint in their eye, knowing that so many memories are sparking up and on the other side, seeing young people thoroughly enjoying the chance to dance in a way that they may never have before and experiencing a snippet of a time past. It makes what we are doing even more special.”
Special is the word that all three ladies have used when I’ve approached them about this venture. So I guess I just have to wait until tomorrow night now to decide just how ‘special’ this really is. Now, where is that red lipstick?


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