IRISH SHORT STORIES, by Charlie Herror – book launch.

Last night saw the Donegal book launch of Derry writer, Charlie Herron’s recent collection of short stories. The launch was held at Buncrana library in the heart of Buncrana town.
Charlie Herron was born in Derry in 1935 and has strong Donegal connections. With three novels to his credit (The McCauley Triology), this further literary achievement comes as no surprise to those who know him.
Last night his son Michael spoke very highly of the family loving, writing enthusiast father, Charlie. He told the Donegal audience how his father was always telling stories as they grew up. He told how his father is forever writing stories on bits of paper lying about the house, envelopes, scraps of note paper, you name it, you’ll find Charlie writing on it!
Another son Paul then spoke of the current collection of stories. He told us that ‘with each story, you will either laugh or cry.’ Each one has an attachement which will awaken our senses.
And so it was time for the man himself, Charlie Herron to give us a few readings from the book. This Charlie did with great pride and he also spoke about his Donegal connections. His mother is from the Parish and Charlie clearly feels a strong sense of attachement to the area. He thanked his family for all their support and their contributions to the book.
Throughout the evening Charlies son Michael provided a selection of music and was accompained by a variety of Charlies grand-children, both playing, singing and reciting.
Charlie Herron is a an exceptionally talented and gifted man. Having recently celebrated his 80th birthday, he has many a tale to tell. This collection is just a snippet of the stories this man doth know! A true gentleman in every way and a true collecion of good old fashioned Irish stories is within the covers of IRISH SHORT STORIES. Have a read.
IRISH SHORT STORIES is available at all good bookstores now.
A selection of photos from the launch can be viewed at North West Culture Gal FB page.


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